Video Review – SPL BiG & TDx

“It is highly effective, sounds open, has a great intelligibility, and you can really hear the difference.” This is something for our SPL fans in France. Here we’ve got a great video review by the French online platform “Les Sondiers” about our 500 Series module for stereo stage processing – the SPL BiG and the […]

Transient Designer 4 Mk2 @ Amazona

“Excellent manufacturing, very helpful in mixing, technically and sonically outstanding, easy to use.” At Amazona you can find a review with a lot of sound samples of the SPL Transient Designer 4 Mk2. The complete review (in German) is available online – a summary here on our blog. “SPL’s Transient Designer has been around since […]

Transient Designer 4 Mk2 & DeEsser Mk2 in Professional Audio

In the German Professional Audio magazine, you will find two SPL devices in one review. Georg Berger took a close look at both the SPL Transient Designer 4 Mk2 and the SPL DeEsser Mk2 and created a detailed and comprehensive review – highly recommended to read! The complete review can be found in the current […]

*TDx in Recording Magazine

Recording engineer and sound designer Paul Vnuk Jr. did a review about the SPL TDx Transient Designer 500 Series module. You can find the review at the Recoding Magazine website or in the current issue (1/17) of Recording Magazine. Vnuk Jr. did some serious practical testing and seems to be pretty satisfied with the outcome: […]


3 countries, 3 bands, 3 disciplines. We are proud to sponsor 27tapes! Crossing borders in every way, right here. Connecting Holland to Belgium to Germany. Bringing together the most epic and promising bands. With visual virtue, audio excellence and online awareness. This is what it all adds up to. One premium production collective, 27tapes. Besides […]

Soundcheck – SPL TDx and DeS 500 series modules

In the edition 7/16 of Soundcheck, Michael Schillings tested our 500 series modules. Outstanding sound quality, high-quality build, intuitive handling and a fair price are only a few characteristics that were mentioned when the magazine put our units to the test. “TDx – The unit convinces through a skillful sound shaping and parallel processing.” “The […]

SPL DeS and TDx – Recording Magazin (German)

Moritz Hillmayer hat für das Recording Magazin unsere beiden 500er-Serie Module TDx und DeS getestet und verkündet die frohe Botschaft: „Mit DeS und TDx gibt es den SPL-Sound jetzt endlich auch für ganz normale Lunchboxen. Das zwei Klassiker unter den zahlreichen SPL-Entwicklungen das Debüt im Modul-Standard wagen, scheint fast selbstverständlich und ist dennoch sehr erfreulich.“ […]

SPL TDx – Transient Designer review at Bonedo (featuring sound examples)

A short while ago we presented the first two modules of our API 500 compatible series. The Transient Designer TDx and the Dual Band De-Esser DeS. Bonedo “Das Musikerportal” tested our TDx, a Transient Designer expanded in its function for API 500 format and provides some sound examples besides the review. Something you can not […]

TDx and DeS in Keys

In the current edition (06/2016) of Keys magazine, you will find a test of our first two 500 series modules, Transient Designer TDx and De-Esser DeS. Both units convinced the mag all along the line. “Outstanding sound quality”, “high quality build” and “intuitive handling” as well as a “fair price” were confirmed for both units. […]

Win an SPL TDx or a SPL DeS 500 series module!

We will give away one SPL TDx as well as one SPL DeS 500 series module! Take a photo of a 500 series lunchbox/rack and post the pic with the hashtag #SPL500 on Instagram. Among all posts, we will raffle off one SPL TDx and one SPL DeS 500 series module. There are no borders […]