Track One Mk3 – How to get a great voice-over sound in under 60 seconds!

In broadcast and voice recording, the compact channel strip has already made a big name for itself. Whether singer-songwriter, live event or podcast – Track One always delivers a great sound. It enriches the microphone, line or instrument signal. De-esser, compressor/limiter and equalizer ensure professional results. In this video, Joachim Serges from [microstudio] shows you […]

Channel One Mk3 & Track One Mk3 in Recording

In US pro audio magazine Recording you’ll find a review of the newest generation of SPL Channel-Strips – Channel One Mk3 and Track One Mk3. Here we provide a short summary. Channel One Mk3: “The SPL Channel One Mk3 is a comprehensive front-end channel strip with some unique tone-shaping capabilities. Newly added to the Mk3 […]

Channel One Mk3 & Track One Mk3 in Studio Magazin

In Studio Magazin, edition 2/2024, you will find a review of the newest generation of SPL Channel-Strips – Channel One Mk3 and Track One Mk3. Here we provide a short summary in English. In practice and sound: “With the Channel One’s preamplifier, you can simply start processing from a different starting point, which in many […]

Track One Mk3 in KR Home-Studio

“Track One Mk3 represents the perfect balance between fast, unobtrusive control and low distortion, resulting in a natural, transparent sound image that’s ideal for vocals.” “It is incredibly quick to set up, and its intuitive ergonomics allow you to create a superb mic sound almost by instinct.” In the French pro audio magazine KR Home-Studio, […]

Track One Mk3 @ Amazona

On the online platform Amazona you can find a review with sound samples of our compact channel strip SPL Track One Mk3. The complete review (in German) is available online. We have summarized some of the highlights for you here on our blog. “Together with the Channel One Mk3, DeEsser Mk2, MixDream XP Mk2, Transient […]

Visit us at NAMM Show!

Come to see and hear the SPL Mastering and Studio series at the NAMM Show 2024 in Anaheim, California. The NAMM Show is the place where professionals and students from the music, sound and live event industries gather to see the latest product launches, network while listening to amazing live music, and attend professional education. […]

New Products: Channel One Mk3 & Track One Mk3

With Channel One Mk3 and Track One Mk3 we present the next generation of our legendary channel strip classics. Channel One Mk3 – the perfect front-end for the modern producer. For over 20 years, Channel One has been a synonym for a high-quality and extremely musical recording and mixing channel strip. In the newest Mk3 […]