Phonitor xe @ International Business Times

The fact that the Phonitor xe can enhance not only a hi-fi room, but also the home office, has not escaped the attention of the author of this review, David Herbert. The tech enthusiast/writer who is on a mission to explore gadgets to improve his “home work” – this time, he’s all eyes (and ears) on […]

This is how the SPL Phonitor Matrix sounds

You’ve heard of the SPL Phonitor Matrix and want to know how it sounds? Put on your headphones and watch this video! The video explains the Phonitor Matrix and how it actually works. It explains the parameter crossfeed and the speaker angle in the context of the interaural time- and level difference. But the best […]

Phonitor xe @ iamhear

This one is something for our fans and friends in Russia. The online platform iamhear published a great video review (in Russian) about our nonplusultra headphone amplifier SPL Phonitor xe. Find the complete video online at the iamhear Youtube channel or watch it right here on our site. Play Video

Phonitor xe in Hi-Fi News

“With deep roots in ‘professional audio’ and a novel discrete op-amp module as a key driving force, SPL is looking to bring a splash of colour to our audiophile universe.” In the current edition (July/21) of Hi-Fi News magazine you can find a great review about our nonplusultra headphone amplifier SPL Phonitor xe. Here we […]

Phonitor xe @ Amazona

Phonitor xe @ Amazona At Amazona you can find a review (in German) about our nonplusultra headphone amplifier SPL Phonitor xe – here we provide a short English summary. “The fact that SPL has held a firm place in the top league of headphone amplifiers for decades should probably be known to every reader, especially […]

Phonitor xe @ MR HiFi

MR Hifi reviews are driven to create informative reviews of home audio and technology. With this in mind, of course the platform could not ignore our nonplusultra headphone amplifier SPL Phonitor xe and published a great review. You can find the complete review online at MR HiFi and its associated video on Marcello Rostagni’s Youtube channel […]

Phonitor xe @ addicted to audio

“Glowing VU meters, a deep red face, a machined volume control fitted to an actual potentiometer, what’s not to love with the SPL Phonitor xe headphone amplifier. SPL is a German pro audio outfit which entered the consumer space around 2014. Its consumer products are grouped under its ‘Professional Fidelity’ banner. The xe is a […]

Phonitor xe @

On the online platform you will find everything about headphones. That is why our headphone amplifier – SPL Phonitor xe – can’t be missing. Find the complete review (in German) online at – here we provide you with a short summary in English: “Already the 5.1 kg heavy housing makes the hearts of […]

Phonitor xe @ AudioReputation

AudioReputation was created with the purpose of helping audio enthusiasts by offering tips, reviews and product comparisons. In this sense, James Longman published a review about our headphone amplifier SPL Phonitor xe. As always, we provide you with a short summary: “Phonitor xe is an extremely versatile and powerful headphone amp. It features both balanced […]

Phonitor xe @ The Headphoneer

The Headphoneer has made an extensive comparison test with our Phonitor xe and other headphone amplifiers. But that’s not all: various headphones were also used to really put the device through its paces. You want to know what came out of this field report? We highly recommend to check it out! We compiled a short […]