Professional Fidelity @ VGP Awards Japan

Great news from Japan! At the Japanese VGP Awards, the SPL Professional Fidelity series is scoring year after year, collecting gold awards, even making it into their Hall of Fame with the SPL headphone amplifiers Phonitor x and Phonitor se. Phonitor x – Headphone Amplifier and Preamplifier 2021 Summer Gold Award / Headphone Grand Prize 2022 […]

Projekt Akustik – Video interview with SPL’s André

The SPL dealer event at “Projekt Akustik” in Bad Schwartau, Germany was awesome! In the context of the event, “Projekt Akustik” also did this extensive video interview (in German) with SPL`s André. For those of you who can’t understand German, the subtitle function might do the job. Have fun watching the video: Play Video

Phonitor 3 DAC in Professional Audio

“The SPL Phonitor 3 DAC represents no less than three high-performance devices in one and aims to send mixing and mastering engineers as well as casual listeners into the audiophile kingdom of heaven.” In the current edition of Professional Audio Magazine you will find a review of our headphone amplifier and monitor controller with 120V […]

HIGH END Munich 2023

At HIGH END, the entire professional hifi world comes together for four days in Munich, when hundreds of exhibitors from over 40 countries present their innovations in the halls and atriums of the MOC. Of course, we will also be there, bringing our Professional Fidelity series. We are looking forward to your visit! When and where: […]

What does mastering mean?

“Whether Dan Clark Audio Stealth or Expanse, both require a high-end headphone amplifier with plenty of power like the SPL Phonitor.” Mastering with headphones is gaining more and more importance. At the online platform positive-feedback you can find an interesting article about mastering. Dirk Sommer (Hifistatement) and Casten Hicking (audioNEXT) visited mastering engineer Christoph Stickel […]

Phonitor xe @ What Hi-Fi

At the online platform What Hi-Fi you can find a review about our nonplusultra headphone amplifier SPL Phonitor xe. You can read the complete review online and a summary here on our blog. First impression: “This is the first time we’ve reviewed a product from SPL, and we’re mighty glad we did. We love the […]

Phonitor xe @ Miniklangwunder

“If audiophile headphone aficionados are looking for a professional hi-fi device, they inevitably land at SPL and subsequently find the Phonitor xe. In the professional domain, it always comes down to the best quality at the best price. And SPL shows that impressively with the Phonitor xe.” At the online platform Miniklangwunder you can find […]

Phonitor xe @ Mad Audio

“When it comes to design, SPL is absolutely upmaster. I love the vintage style, which is also modern at the same time. The front panel is available in three different colors for every taste – black, silver and SPL red, which is absolutely my favorite.” Mad from the Youtube channel Mad Audio already did an […]

SPL Demo Studio

The SPL demo studio is ready!In this blogpost we want to introduce you to our new demo studio. In the future, there we will create product videos, host product trainings and put our development ideas through their paces. The studio is not only equipped with all SPL mastering devices. All devices of the SPL Professional […]

Experience the Phonitor Matrix!

One of the unique features of SPL headphone amplifiers is the SPL Phonitor Matrix. It enables mixing and mastering engineers to create perfect mixes on headphones, which will translate perfectly to all types of stereo speaker systems. But the Phonitor Matrix is not only designed for professional use in the studio. It also enables the hifi […]