Phonitor x @ HiFi-IFAs

Not long ago, the HiFi-IFAs tested our DA converter & preamp SPL Director Mk 2 and were completely enthusiastic about it. This is why Falk Visarius decided to grab an SPL Phonitor x with optional DAC 768xs D/A converter module and put it through the acid test: “Those who follow our blog closely probably know […]

Phonitor x + DAC768xs in EAR IN

In the headphone magazine EAR IN, you’ll find a review about our Phonitor x with DAC768xs. We won’t give away too much but what we can say is that the device came out of the test as an EAR IN reference model with “very good” marks… Since this is a German review, we provide you […]

Updated drivers for Windows 10

Updated drivers for Windows 10 for the following devices: Phonitor e (with DAC768xs)Phonitor x (with DAC768xs)Phonitor xe (with DAC768)Director Mk2Madicon The new Windows Driver Version 4.67 now fully supports Windows 10 (1903). A download of the driver is possible at the respective product sites.

Phonitor x @

On you’ll find a review about our Phonitor x headphone amplifier. Steve Guttenberg has tested the unit and shares his thoughts: “When I spotted their slick-looking Phonitor x headphone amp at the Axpona audio show I just had to get it in for review.” Sound: “…it does sound awfully nice.” “The Phonitor x’s matrix […]

Phonitor x @

On you’ll find a review about the SPL Phonitor x. “The SPL Phonitor x is a premium, feature-rich, headphone amplifier, and pre-amp, billed as having features and performance that lend it equal facility in professional/studio settings as well as in the role of an audiophile headphone system.” “The unit provides both balanced and single-ended […]

Phonitor x @ LowBeats

“The Phonitor x is one of the most extraordinary headphone amplifiers on the market.” At you will find a review about our Headphone Amplifier and Preamplifier SPL Phonitor x. “The pros from SPL have already proven their creative skills in the pro studio market for almost 35 years and already provide excellent devices for […]

SPL Phonitor x in Home Cinema Choice

Jon Thompson did a mini group test of headphone amplifiers including our Phonitor x. Check out what he has to say about the outcome of this endeavor: “This device is a technological tour de force.” “An example is its unique Phonitor-Matrix option, which is designed to make the sound match that of traditional loudspeakers.” “On […]

SPL Phonitor x at fairaudio

Wow! Benjamin Baum of fairaudio created a very extensive and detailed review about our headphone amplifier & preamplifier Phonitor x. Definitely worthwhile reading! “One of the fist manufacturer, that successfully adapted the application of Crossfeed for home use, was the Sound Performance Lab located in the placid small town Niederkrüchten … SPL’s Phonitor amplifier in […]

SPL Phonitor x in Professional Audio

In the current edition (3/18) of Professional Audio magazine, you find an exclusive review about our Phonitor x: “Ten years ago, SPL caused a stir at the pro market with with their first headphone amplifier Phonitor. However, many hifi fans also liked the unit and the Phonitor became an insider tip within the high-end community. […]

*Phonitor x in The Absolute Sound

“I can’t imagine a situation where the Phonitor x could run out of power and not be capable of optimally driving any pair of headphones.” American high-end audio magazine ‘the absolute sound’ did a review about our Phonitor x in their current issue (#275 – September 2017): “My first and last impression of the Phonitor […]