Phonitor 2 @ hardwaremax

No doubt, the SPL Phonitor 2 not only satisfied all our requirements, but greatly exceeded them.

Phonitor 2 at Metropolis Mastering (Video)

It’s been a really valuable addition to Mastering, because I can check things that I am doing and I can see wheter they actually have a reasonable effect on a stereo mix or a track.

SPL Phonitor Matrix explained – Video

We’re happy to present a brandnew video focussing on the “Phonitor Matrix”. The video explains the Phonitor Matrix and how it actually works. Parameters Crossfeed, Angle and Center will be explained with the help of sound examples and graphic visualizations. So if you always wanted to know what the Phonitor Matrix is all about and […]

SPL Iron and Phonitor 2 get the coveted Professional Audio “Editors Choice Award” 2015

Every year, the team behind Germany’s leading magazine for recording technology, Professional Audio, picks several products under the slogan “The Best of the Best”, bestowing them the “Editors Choice Award.” Our Phonitor mini was among last year’s (Editors Choice 2014) favorites. But now we are twice as happy, considering that not only one, but two […]

SPL at CanJam 2015

The 1400 visitors to this year’s CanJam Europe set a new record. And we were obviously part of it. This year, we took with us to Essen, Germany, our headphone amps Phonitor 2 (together with the new Expansion Rack), and Phonitor mini, as well as our USB Audio Interfaces and Monitor Controllers Creon and Crimson. […]

Phonitor 2 Review in German Hifi Statement Online Magazine

Dirk Sommer from German online magazine Hifi Statement reviewed the SPL Phonitor some years back. Now he decided to put our Phonitor 2 to the test. And it’s not without excitement that he asserts: You should definitely give at least a try to the Phonitor 2, even if you are not in the market for […]

Phonitor 2 Review at – Absolutely top-notch!

In his review of the Phonitor2, Axel Ritt asks a very good question: “Seldom is a topic so controversially debated over decades like mixing without the appropriate monitors. Why?” After extensive testing, his verdict on the Phonitor Matrix is clear: “Unnatural listening on headphones with the center in the head can be in fact adjusted […]

Phonitor 2 in Audio Test

Our Phonitor 2 seems to be rapidly making its way into becoming a household name in the high-end Hi-Fi world. The ever-growing interest is also evident in the increasing number of reviews from specialized magazines. For instance, Torsten Pless of German “Audio Test” magazine recently reviewed the Phonitor 2 in the 07/2015 issue. Our beloved […]

Phonitor 2 – Connecting balanced headphones

People often ask us if they can connect balanced headphones to the Phonitor 2. The answer is yes. To that end, you can use the outputs on the rear panel of the Phonitor 2. Instructions