Performer m1000 @ SoundStage!ULTRA

At SoundStage!Ultra, you’ll find a review about the SPL Performer m1000. Aron Garrecht spent two months with our powerhouse mono-blocks. You want to know what he thinks about the device after all this time? You can read the complete review online at SoundStage!Ultra or a summary here on our blog. “SPL currently offers myriad models […]

SPL Elector, Performer s800 and Performer m1000 @ Stereo Times

“Sound Performance Lab’s designers and engineers have figured out something with their proprietary VOLTAiR technology because the “house sound” of their preamplifier and amplifiers offers some of the finest overall musicality that I have heard in solid-state gear.” Not so long ago, Terry London was looking for an inexpensive, truly balanced preamplifier to use in […]

Performer m1000 @ LowBeats

As a manufacturer you always want a device to perform at its best in a test – but that one of the most renowned hifi online magazines decides to install the device as a reference in their listening room after the test is one of the biggest compliments there is! You can find the whole […]

Review: SPL Performer m1000 @ HIFISTATEMENT

“The times I was wary with digital elements are long gone: today, I am even able to hear if a LAN switch with Clock sounds better. With power amplifiers, it’s a little bit different with this digital open-mindedness: In this case there has to be a big transformer and plenty of sieve capacity. The Performer […]