SPL User Story: 432 Studios

For the second SPL User Story, we visited Paul Schal (Tilman Brejora) in his 432Studios in Berlin and did an interview with him. In 2018 Paul founded the studios, providing production, mastering, mixing and recording service to international and local artist of all genres. Working in the audio industry as an artist, producer, professional mastering […]

SPL User Story: Dan D’Ascenzo Mastering

We are proud to present a new series of interviews we will publish here. For this first one, we visited mastering engineer Dan D’Ascenzo in his Leftright Audio studio in Belgium and did a little interview with him. Dan has been a creative Mastering and Mixing Engineer with Worldwide credits for more than 15 years. […]

All Black Edition

All devices of the mastering series are now available in a third color combination – All Black. From a technical point of view these units are 100% identical with the regular color combinations red and black/silver. With the All Black edition, only the silver centerpiece is replaced by a black one. Devices with VU meters […]

IRON “All Black”

Black is the new black! We are currently offering the SPL IRON Mastering Compressor in an “All Black” edition. Black VUs and a black centerpiece make the unit a visual treat! Sonically and technically these units are identical to the standard series. This will be a limited run, so if you’re interested in this black […]

PQ and IRON at Gearslutz Weekend

Test the IRON Mastering Compressor and the PQ Mastering Equalizer at Mastering Academy’s Gearslutz Weekend! You can save 300 euros if you register with the voucher code ‘Test-SPL’, which means that you can attend both seminar days for only 290 euros! There will be a maximum number of eight participants, so hurry up! The Gearslutz Weekend […]

David Reitzas at Sound On Sound – Inside Track

“To bring the drums out on other songs I usually put them through the SPL Transient Designer. I print the stems one by one back into the same Pro Tools session, going through my SPL Passeq EQ and my SPL Iron Compressor. Every stem goes through that chain.


3 countries, 3 bands, 3 disciplines. We are proud to sponsor 27tapes! Crossing borders in every way, right here. Connecting Holland to Belgium to Germany. Bringing together the most epic and promising bands. With visual virtue, audio excellence and online awareness. This is what it all adds up to. One premium production collective, 27tapes. Besides […]

SPL IRON review – Amazona.de

“With this product SPL really created a masterpiece.“ Axel Ritt, guitarist of the Power-Metal band Grave Digger, pro musician and sound engineer for more than 25 years, has tested our IRON for Amazona.de. His conclusion? “With the SPL Iron, Wolfgang Neumann and his team brought a tube compressor to the market which is second to […]

IRON Mastering Compressor review at Bonedo (featuring audio examples and video)

Sometimes more is really more! Felix Klostermann from Bonedo presents a very informative review of the IRON Mastering Compressor. There is not only a review, but also some audio examples and a video. Anyone who hadn’t had the opportunity to test the IRON will get an first initial impression of the wide variety of the […]