Director Mk2 @ hifitest

On the online platform hifitest you can find a review about our DA Converter and Preamplifier SPL Director Mk2. You can read the complete review (in German) online  at hifitest – here we present some highlights (in English) of the test. “Let’s start with the analog section. Like almost all of the ‘big’ devices, the […]

Director Mk2 @ Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

“The SPL Director Mk2 is a sonic powerhouse that combines musicality with a modern/retro design; a state-of-the-art DAC with cool-looking VU meters.” At online platform Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, you can find a review about our DA Converter and Preamplifier SPL Director Mk2. Read the comlete review online or a summary here […]

Director Mk2 @ SoundStage!ULTRA

At SoundStage!Ultra, you’ll find a review about our Preamplifier-DAC SPL Director Mk2. We won’t give away too much information yet, as you are about to read this but just as a quick teaser: after testing the device, the Director Mk2 was awarded with the SoundStage!ULTRA Reviewers’ Choice Award! You can read the complete review online […]

SPL Professional Fidelity – Awarded

Great news from Japan! At the VGP Japan Pure Audio Awards 2021, the SPL Professional Fidelity series is winning gold in a total of 7 award categories.We are very proud that our headphone amplifiers Phonitor x and Phonitor se as well as our preamplifier with DAC SPL Director Mk2 were chosen by the jury!

Director Mk2 in Stereo

In the current edition of legendary German HiFi magazine Stereo you can find a great review of the SPL Director Mk2. Of course we would like to provide you with some excerpts from the review here! Look: “The SPL Director Mk2… arrived…with a front panel in an attractive metallic red. The two round VU-meters are […]

Director Mk2 @ LowBeats

Wow! From serving as a test device to being the new reference preamp. After our Performer m1000 power amp has already become a reference device for the LowBeats editorial team, our DA converter and preamplifier SPL Director Mk2 is now following its lead. You can find the whole story online at LowBeats. Here is a […]

Director Mk2 & Performer s800 in HiFi-Stars

“A combination for all cases.” You can find two reviews in one in HiFi-Stars magazine (edition 47). Wolfgang Vogel has extensively examined our DA Converter and Preamplifier SPL Director Mk2 as well as the Performer s800 power amplifier and is enthusiastic about the combination. As always, we offer you a short summary here: Technology: “The […]

Director Mk2 in lite-Magazin

lite-Magazine is an online magazine about lifestyle and technology. Editor Volker Frech extensively tested our DA Converter and Preamplifier SPL Director Mk2 and is impressed: “There are products that provide a feeling of high quality and exceptionality as soon as you unpack them. The SPL Director Mk2 is such a component: With its characteristic look […]

Director Mk2 in Haute Fidélité

Top marks for the Director Mk2 from France. The hifi magazine Haute Fidélité has dedicated a review to our DA converter and preamplifier in its February issue. We have compiled some statements as a short summary. Enjoy reading them: “The Director permanently provides a very smooth sound with lightness, diversity in textures, far away from […]

Director Mk2 & Performer s800 @

“You can always tell that the Director Mk2 and Performer s800 do not originate from the traditional hi-fi world. The emphasis is on technical specifications, the relatively modest sonic coloring and the functional retro design. Uninteresting for the hifi enthusiasts? The performance of these devices will quickly change your mind.” Today we have something for […]