22. October, 2019

Win an SPL MasterBay S – Review

“SPL, Germany’s number one in terms of pro hardware, developed and launched an user-friendly version of their mastering flagship MasterBay called MasterBay S some time ago […]
26. September, 2019

SPL User Story: Dan D’Ascenzo Mastering

19. September, 2019

Phonitor xe @ lite-Magazin

lite-magazin is an online magazine for lifestyle and technology. Editor Volker Frech did an extensive review about our headphone amplifier Phonitor xe. Here is a little […]
4. September, 2019

SPL Phonos in HiFi-Stars

HiFi-Stars is a holistic HiFi magazine – technology, music and lifestyle. In the current edition (44) you’ll find a review about our Phonos Phono preamplifier. Like […]
29. August, 2019

SPL Story @ Hifistatement

Some time ago, Dirk Sommer of Hifistatement visited us. The outcome is an SPL story you can find online at the netmagazine. Like always, we provide […]
22. August, 2019

Updated drivers for Windows 10

Updated drivers for Windows 10 for the following devices: Phonitor e (with DAC768xs)Phonitor x (with DAC768xs)Phonitor xe (with DAC768)Director Mk2Madicon The new Windows Driver Version 4.67 […]
11. July, 2019

Review: SPL MixDream @ Amazona

“The SPL MixDream is an analog summing unit, which offers many advantages for a studio situation without external mixing console, but with lots of analog periphery.” […]
3. July, 2019

Story: Euphonic Architect

19. June, 2019

Review: Crescendo in Tape Op

“Using the Crescendo immediately gives me the impression that I’ve just unlocked some new and previously hidden level of fidelity across my whole mic collection.” Dana […]
29. May, 2019

Review: Crescendo in Sound on Sound

“Good enough’ is rarely good enough for SPL, as this thoroughly over-engineered preamp testifies!”  Hugh Robjohns “On review here is the company’s latest eight-channel mic preamp, the […]