New Product

The next generation Monitor & Talkback Controller – studio standard redefined.

New Product

The Stereo Image Bigger Maker for Series 500.

The brand-new powerful stereo amplifier.

The first DAC in 120V technology.

GoldMike Mk2 @ Amazona

“If you are looking for a professional stereo preamp, you should include the SPL GoldMike Mk2 in your list of candidates and test it when...

Phonitor 2 @ KOPFHOERER.DE

“Flawless manufacturing, innovative technology, powerful performance and outstanding sound: the SPL Phonitor 2 is an absolutely recommendable partner for headphones at reference-level .” The online magazine...

BiG @ Bonedo

“This is BIG! Beautifully wide, spatial and still mono compatible! With a few controls, you can make stereo signals big in seconds.” At Bonedo you...

MTC Mk2 @ Amazona

“Basically, the MTC Mk1 was always considered the industry standard for professional applications, nevertheless, its successor just sounds significantly better.” “With the SPL MTC Mk2...

BiG @ Barry Rudolph

“I want one!” Producer and recording & mixing engineer Barry Rudolph published a review about our new 500 series module BiG. You can find the...

MTC Mk2 in Professional Audio

“The new MTC Mk2 is a really great analog monitoring controller in established SPL quality. Besides its very transparent, clean and genuine sound, the new...