Experience the Phonitor Matrix!

One of the unique features of SPL headphone amplifiers is the SPL Phonitor Matrix. It enables mixing and mastering engineers to create perfect mixes on headphones, which will translate perfectly to all types of stereo speaker systems. But the Phonitor Matrix is not only designed for professional use in the studio. It also enables the hifi […]

SPL X-mas Give-Away 2021 – Experience the Phonitor Matrix!

This year the SPL X-mas Give-Away is all about the SPL Phonitor Matrix. With the Phonitor Matrix you can not only create perfect mixes on headphones. It allows you to experience music as played back from speakers. Among all SPL Community News subscribers we are giving away three SPL headphone amplifiers with Phonitor Matrix: an SPL […]

This is how the SPL Phonitor Matrix sounds

You’ve heard of the SPL Phonitor Matrix and want to know how it sounds? Put on your headphones and watch this video! The video explains the Phonitor Matrix and how it actually works. It explains the parameter crossfeed and the speaker angle in the context of the interaural time- and level difference. But the best […]

Phonitor One @ KOPFHOERER.DE

“Due to its low noise and neutral amplification, the Phonitor One delivers a wonderfully equilibrated sonic experience with highly detailed resolution, dynamics and an intimacy rarely found in common devices. Beyond the crossfeed function, the Phonitor One behaves as one would expect from an amplifier: tonally neutral, without coloration, and quick to respond.” KOPFHOERER.DE is […]

Phonitor One & One d @ Bonedo

“SPL Phonitor One and SPL Phonitor One d are two high quality headphone amplifiers produced in Germany. They differ in the built-in 2-Out-USB audio interface, which allows Phonitor One d to be connected directly to Apple computers or iPads.” Felix Klostermann has extensively tested our Phonitor One and Phonitor One d. Here is an English […]

Phonitor One & Phonitor One d @ proaudio.de

Both headphone amplifiers of our Series One – Phonitor One and Phonitor One d – are the ideal introduction into the Phonitor world. That’s also what Peter Kaminski thinks. Why? You can find the complete review online at proaudio.de. We have compiled a few excerpts for you. “High-quality headphone amplifiers are a domain of SPL. […]

SPL X-mas Give-Away 2020

There will be a special SPL giveaway this X-mas. Among all SPL newsletter subscribers we will raffle a great SPL device. You haven’t subscribed to the SPL Newsletter yet? Well, it’s about time to do it: https://newsletter.spl.audio On December 18, 2020 we will raffle off a brand new SPL Marc One among all SPL newsletter […]

Phonitor One & One d @ Amazona.de

Matching the product launch of the Series One the first review is already online. Jörg Hoffmann of Amazona.de has taken a close look at the two brandnew headphone amplifiers Phonitor One and Phonitor One d and is impressed: “You hardly have to write anything about SPL anymore: At Amazona.de we often had the pleasure to […]