Audiosteps x SPL – Community Event & Mastering Workshop

Join the Audiosteps x SPL – Community Event! At this event on April 27, 2024, alongside networking over food and drinks, there will be an exciting mastering workshop with “Duo Mastering” and the single “Blessed” by CRO. The highlight of the day is the workshop, which will take place at 2:30 PM and 5:30 PM. […]

Video – Mastering Academy meets SPL

Check out this video from back in September of this year, when the Mastering Academy hosted an online event showcasing the centerpieces of the SPL Mastering series. Mastering Academy’s CEO, Friedemann Tischmeyer (Alan Parsons, Steely Dan) and Mastering Coach, Farzad “Farzi” Rahnavard (Cro, Shindy, Mike Singer, Shirin David), mastered a song from scratch using a […]

SPL User Story: Justin Gray Music

Within this SPL User Story we want to introduce you to Justin Gray. Justin is music composer & producer at Synthesis Sound, mastering engineer at Immersive Mastering and professor of music at the Humber College Lakeshore Campus in Toronto, Canada. Justin is working in Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 “day in and day out”, on […]

SPL Demo Studio

The SPL demo studio is ready!In this blogpost we want to introduce you to our new demo studio. In the future, there we will create product videos, host product trainings and put our development ideas through their paces. The studio is not only equipped with all SPL mastering devices. All devices of the SPL Professional […]


For this SPL User Story we met sound engineer Florian Schober (Toneblasphemy) at the AUDIOMEISTEREI – his studio in Viersen, Germany. In addition to music and voice recordings, audio book productions, audio restorations and film dubbing, Florian also offers mixing and especially mastering of music productions there. In his setup there are several SPL devices. […]

PASSEQ @ sonicscoop

“My god, that roundness in the kick drum! The sense of depth of the bass when it enters! And of course, the sheer dimensionality the processor adds – the weight is just what I want.” Nick Messitte of sonicscoop has spent some time with our Passive Mastering Equalizer SPL PASSEQ. The result is a great […]

Mugent Sessions featuring Paul Schal

How do you master a track?Is it possible to get a good result by mastering your production on your own, or should you rather leave this work to a professional mastering studio? These are the topics of the Mugent Sessions #6 (in German) with guest Paul Schal from the 432 studios in Berlin, which aired […]