Hermes – Video Review

Musician, sound designer and Youtuber Phable has published a wonderful video about our Mastering Router SPL Hermes. Find the complete video online at his Youtube or watch it right here on our site. Phable: “Today marks a very special day, because I have a new friend in my studio – and that new friend is […]

SPL User Story: Capitaine Mastering

For this SPL User Story, we take you on a trip to France – more specifically to Sémalens, where SPL user Alexandre Charnier lets you have an inside look at his Capitaine Mastering studio. Alexandre’s specialist field is analog mastering and – as you may already been guessing right – he is using a whole […]

Mugent Sessions featuring Paul Schal

How do you master a track?Is it possible to get a good result by mastering your production on your own, or should you rather leave this work to a professional mastering studio? These are the topics of the Mugent Sessions #6 (in German) with guest Paul Schal from the 432 studios in Berlin, which aired […]

Video – SPL Hermes & Gemini @ The Soundphile

“Powerful tools with incredible capabilities.” What is so special about Hermes & Gemini? Why do these tools bring your mastering studio to a whole new level? The answer can be found in this video (in German) by The Soundphile. Igl Schönwitz gives an overview of the concept and function of Hermes & Gemini. Routing of […]

Gemini & Hermes in Studio Magazin

Friedemann Kootz wrote an extensive and detailed review (in German). We highly recommend to check it out! Here’s a little English summary: Hermes: “Hermes was the messenger of the gods and the god of traffic, in Greek mythology, so he is not at all badly suited as a name giver for a device which has […]

Hermes @ Bonedo

You wished for a review with sound samples of our Hermes? Bonedo fulfills that wish. Felix Klostermann has taken a close look at our Mastering Router. Here, we provide you with a short summary: “The SPL Hermes is a mastering router or a highly flexible insert matrix for up to eight stereo processors on one […]

SPL User Story: 432 Studios

For the second SPL User Story, we visited Paul Schal (Tilman Brejora) in his 432Studios in Berlin and did an interview with him. In 2018 Paul founded the studios, providing production, mastering, mixing and recording service to international and local artist of all genres. Working in the audio industry as an artist, producer, professional mastering […]