Vitalizer Mk3-T in Sonomag

In the French magazine Sonomag, you’ll find a review about our patented sound designer SPL Vitalizer Mk3-T. You can read the complete review (in French) in the edition 499 of the magazine. Of course, we also provide some highlights of the review in English here on our blog. “The Vitalizer Mk3-T brings a joyful analog […]

Vitalizer Mk3-T – Walkthrough Video

In this video, SPL Managing Partner Hermann Gier walks you though the SPL Vitalizer Mk3-T, talking content like the background, history and development of the device as well as features and functions of our unsurpassed sound designer. The Vitalizer Mk3-T not only swaps the classic, golden robe of the previous model for the new, black design […]

Video – Vitalizer Mk3-T

Vitalizer Mk3-T – walkthrough and sound samples. Check out this video about our patented sound designer SPL Vitalizer MK3-T by 브이티쥐 from South Korea. Although the video is in Korean language, we absolutely recommend watching – the subtitle function might do the job. Have fun watching! Play Video

Video – Vitalizer Mk3-T @ Colt Capperrune

“Today we’re going to be checking out a very cool stereo bus processor – the SPL Vitalizer Mk3-T. Let’s get into it.” On the Youtube channel of artist, producer and engineer Colt Capperrune you will find a video with sound examples about our patented sound designer – SPL Vitalizer Mk3-T. “I want to walk you […]

Vitalizer Mk3-T @ Amazona

On the online platform Amazona you can find a review with sound samples of our patented sound designer SPL Vitalizer Mk3-T. The complete review (in German) is available online. We have summarized some of the highlights for you here on our blog. “The SPL Vitalizer Mk3-T features a solid, black anodized aluminium front panel with […]

New Products: Vitalizer Mk3-T & MixDream XP Mk2

With Vitalizer Mk3-T & MixDream XP Mk2 we present two updated SPL classics. Vitalizer Mk3-T – Patented. Legendary. Spectacular. The patented Vitalizer circuitry makes the Vitalizer Mk3-T an unsurpassed sound designer. Whether live or in the studio, audio productions sound more alive, have more details, more transparency, a higher perceived loudness and, if required, an […]