Series One in KR Home-Studio

In the French magazine KR Home-Studio, you’ll find a review about the SPL Series One. You can read the complete review (in French) in the May/June edition of the magazine. Of course, we also provide a short summary in English here on our blog. “SPL’s Series One, consisting of Marc One, Control One, Phonitor One d […]

Phonitor One d in Sound & Recording

In German Sound & Recording magazine you can find a review about our audiophile headphone amplifier from our Studio series, the SPL Phonitor One d. In contrast to the Phonitor One, the One d model has a DA converter, so the device can be directly connected to a computer via USB. Thanks to the integrated […]

SPL Phonitor One d @

On you’ll find a review about our Audiophile Headphone Amplifier with Phonitor Matrix, 32-bit DA-converter and outstanding sound quality, the SPL Phonitor One d. First impression: “Unboxing the Phonitor One d was fairly straightforward, with a USB A to B cable thoughtfully thrown in. Otherwise the amp is nice and understated. There are no […]

Experience the Phonitor Matrix!

One of the unique features of SPL headphone amplifiers is the SPL Phonitor Matrix. It enables mixing and mastering engineers to create perfect mixes on headphones, which will translate perfectly to all types of stereo speaker systems. But the Phonitor Matrix is not only designed for professional use in the studio. It also enables the hifi […]

Phonitor One d – Editor’s Choice Award 2021

SPL Phonitor One d, the audiophile headphone amplifier with DA converter, wins the “Editor’s Choice Award 2021” from Professional Audio. According to the motto “Product Highlights 2021”, the Professional Audio team honors their product highlights every year and presents them with the in-house “Editors Choice Award”. The award was presented in the January edition of the magazine. […]

Phonitor One d @ Muso Talk

On the Youtube channel Muso Talk you can find tests, talks and reviews (in German) about audio recording. So, logically our audiophile headphone amplifier with Phonitor Matrix, 32-bit DA-converter and outstanding sound quality – SPL Phonitor One d – can’ t be missing there. Hans Jörg Bordin aka Non-Eric has tested the headphone amplifier for you and […]

Phonitor One d – Don’t Mix On Headphones….Without This!

Producer and Audio Mix Engineer Danny Brown is located in the Los Angeles area where he continues to mix projects of all genres for artists and companies around the world and he also produces great video reviews on his Youtube channel ZndBorn Mixed It. In this video, he unboxes, tests and reviews the SPL Phonitor […]

SPL X-mas Give-Away 2021 – Experience the Phonitor Matrix!

This year the SPL X-mas Give-Away is all about the SPL Phonitor Matrix. With the Phonitor Matrix you can not only create perfect mixes on headphones. It allows you to experience music as played back from speakers. Among all SPL Community News subscribers we are giving away three SPL headphone amplifiers with Phonitor Matrix: an SPL […]

This is how the SPL Phonitor Matrix sounds

You’ve heard of the SPL Phonitor Matrix and want to know how it sounds? Put on your headphones and watch this video! The video explains the Phonitor Matrix and how it actually works. It explains the parameter crossfeed and the speaker angle in the context of the interaural time- and level difference. But the best […]

Phonitor One d in Professional Audio

“Superior sound quality, excellent manufacturing, premium design, very simple plug & play operation, top class converter.” Top marks for the Phonitor One d! The Professional Audio magazine has awarded our headphone amplifier with the attribute “top class, very good”. And of course there is also a matching review (in German) in the current edition (July […]