Phonitor 3 DAC in Professional Audio

“The SPL Phonitor 3 DAC represents no less than three high-performance devices in one and aims to send mixing and mastering engineers as well as casual listeners into the audiophile kingdom of heaven.” In the current edition of Professional Audio Magazine you will find a review of our headphone amplifier and monitor controller with 120V […]

This is how the SPL Phonitor Matrix sounds

You’ve heard of the SPL Phonitor Matrix and want to know how it sounds? Put on your headphones and watch this video! The video explains the Phonitor Matrix and how it actually works. It explains the parameter crossfeed and the speaker angle in the context of the interaural time- and level difference. But the best […]

Updated drivers for Windows 10

Updated drivers for Windows 10 for the following devices: Phonitor e (with DAC768xs)Phonitor x (with DAC768xs)Phonitor xe (with DAC768)Director Mk2Madicon The new Windows Driver Version 4.67 now fully supports Windows 10 (1903). A download of the driver is possible at the respective product sites.

Phonitor e @ HiFiInsider

On the HifiInsider Youtube channel, you’ll find a video review about our Phonitor e. Mike Liang has intensively tested the headphone amplifier and shares his thoughts: “I do like the compactness of the Phonitor e. It doesn’t take up a lot of space on your desk.” “Another thing that I like about the Phonitor e […]

SPL Professional Fidelity Video at

At you will find a german and an english video about our new Pro-Fi series. Our audio devices of the Professional Fidelity series have their roots in professional studio technology and they are optimized for high-fidelity music playback. SPL co-founder Hermann Gier presents the brandnew Pro-Fi device series. Discover the story behind the Pro-Fi […]

SPL Phonitor Matrix explained – Video

We’re happy to present a brandnew video focussing on the “Phonitor Matrix”. The video explains the Phonitor Matrix and how it actually works. Parameters Crossfeed, Angle and Center will be explained with the help of sound examples and graphic visualizations. So if you always wanted to know what the Phonitor Matrix is all about and […]

Phonitor e and Director in EAR IN

In the current edition 2/2016 of EAR IN – Das Kopfhörermagazin (german) you will find the first extensive review of our brand new Phonitor e headphone amplifier in combination with the Director DA converter and preamplifier. “SPL Director and Phonitor e point out immediately that the claim ‘Professional Fidelity’ is not just a marketing campaign”. […]

SPL Professional Fidelity Serie in HiFi Online Magazin LowBeats

With the SPL Pro-Fi series we launch a completely new product line. Pro-Fi stands for Professional Fidelity and expresses that these products have their roots in professional studio technology being optimized for high-fidelity music playback. Hermann Gier visited LowBeats online magazine in Munich presenting five brand new SPL products. Chief editor Holger Biermann was convinced […]