Projekt Akustik – Video interview with SPL’s André

The SPL dealer event at “Projekt Akustik” in Bad Schwartau, Germany was awesome! In the context of the event, “Projekt Akustik” also did this extensive video interview (in German) with SPL`s André. For those of you who can’t understand German, the subtitle function might do the job. Have fun watching the video: Play Video

SPL Demo Studio

The SPL demo studio is ready!In this blogpost we want to introduce you to our new demo studio. In the future, there we will create product videos, host product trainings and put our development ideas through their paces. The studio is not only equipped with all SPL mastering devices. All devices of the SPL Professional […]

SPL Elector, Performer s800 and Performer m1000 @ Stereo Times

“Sound Performance Lab’s designers and engineers have figured out something with their proprietary VOLTAiR technology because the “house sound” of their preamplifier and amplifiers offers some of the finest overall musicality that I have heard in solid-state gear.” Not so long ago, Terry London was looking for an inexpensive, truly balanced preamplifier to use in […]

Director Mk2 & Performer s800 in HiFi-Stars

“A combination for all cases.” You can find two reviews in one in HiFi-Stars magazine (edition 47). Wolfgang Vogel has extensively examined our DA Converter and Preamplifier SPL Director Mk2 as well as the Performer s800 power amplifier and is enthusiastic about the combination. As always, we offer you a short summary here: Technology: “The […]

Director Mk2 & Performer s800 @

“You can always tell that the Director Mk2 and Performer s800 do not originate from the traditional hi-fi world. The emphasis is on technical specifications, the relatively modest sonic coloring and the functional retro design. Uninteresting for the hifi enthusiasts? The performance of these devices will quickly change your mind.” Today we have something for […]

Director & Performer in image hifi

image hifi published a review about our DA converter & preamplifier SPL Director and our stereo power amplifier SPL Performer s800. “With the Director, SPL combines a classical approach with original ideas.” “The Performer s800 is SPL’s first power amplifier. A huge transformer, some smoothing capacity – yes, we’ve all seen that before but rarely […]

Experience Report Performer s800

Experience report by Ulrich Nähle. “Some time ago I had the possibility to test the SPL Phonos. I attested that the device would bring back the sonic roots of high fidelity… in the meantime I purchased some new Magnepan speakers.” “However, these Magnepan speakers need an amplifier which provides enough power.” “This is why I […]

SPL Performer at mobilefidelity

At you will find a review about our Stereo Power Amplifier Performer s800. “The Performer s800, thanks to its enormous power and dynamic, its superb bass reproduction and its simultaneously fine and accurate sound reproduction of even complex sound structures, is a really awesome sounding power amplifier with an almost unbelievable price-performance ratio.” Design […]

Performer s800 – Professional Fidelity @Bonedo

All good things come in threes! Within the third review, Felix Klostermann of Bonedo tested our Stereo Power Amplifier Performer s800 and awarded it with five out of five stars – full score: “The SPL Pro-Fi Performer s800 is a stereo power amplifier ‘Made in Germany’. Again, it features SPL’s 120V Rail Technology based in […]

Customer Feedback – Performer s800

Roman Beilharz, sound engineer and long-time customer, purchased our Performer s800 and was pretty impressed by the power amplifier, which inspired him to write a very nice experience report, which we definitely recommend reading. „For two years i thought the current class-d-technology was the measure of all things: Combined with my Sky Audio Verdade monitor […]