Elector, Diamond & Phonos in AUDIO+stereoplay

In the current edition (2/24) of German AUDIO+stereoplay magazine you will find a review of three SPL HiFi devices – our Analog Preamplifier SPL Elector, the Premium DAC with VOLTAiR technology SPL Diamond and our RIAA Phono Preamplifier SPL Phonos. We have compiled some of the highlights of the review for you here. “Three devices […]

Elector @ Part-Time Audiophile

“Well, I’ll just come out and say that the SPL Elector just plain floats my boat and trips my trigger in all the right ways. It’s got the connectivity (RCA, XLR) that I’ve always wanted in a preamp, and it’s pleasantly neutral in tone. In short, it easily satisfies my requirement of “doing no harm.” […]

Elector @ TMR Audio / The Music Room

“I’m hearing layers and 3D arrangement of images that is more of a natural and complete presentation than I’ve heard with any other preamp.” On the Youtube channel TMR Audio / The Music Room you can find an awesome video review about the SPL Elector. Find out how the Elector became Duncan Taylor’s  “favorite piece […]