SPL Crossover @ Mad Audio

In this video review that we like to share with you, Mad from the Youtube channel Mad Audio guides you through the integration of a subwoofer into your hifi system, choosing the SPL Crossover as his weapon of choice. Why? Well lets find out: “I was looking for an audiophile crossover – pure analog. A […]

SPL Crossover – Finally an analog crossover again!

“For the right kind of user, this could be the ace they were waiting on to finally win their game of perfect main/sub integration.” We are always happy about publications on exceptional SPL products, such as the SPL Crossover. Even though our SPL Crossover is a niche product as a pure analog crossover, it still […]

SPL Crossover in HiFi-Stars

HiFi-Stars is a holistic HiFi magazine – technology, music and lifestyle. In the current edition (45) you’ll find a review about the SPL Crossover. Like always, we provide you with a little summary: “The Crossover has a professional, down-to-earth appearance, which still somehow has a kind of retro-look – its frontpanel is available in classic […]