Crescendo duo @ Classical Guitar Tones

At the online platform “Classical Guitar Tones”, you can find a review about our Dual-Channel Microphone Preamplifier with 120V technology – SPL Crescendo duo. You can read the complete review online – here we provide a short summary. “High-quality preamps that can capture all the nuances and subtleties of classical guitar are not as common […]

Crescendo duo in Professional Audio

In Professional Audio magazine you can find a review of our two-channel microphone preamplifier with 120V technology, the SPL Crescendo duo. The complete review (in German) can be found in the current edition (March 2022) – here we provide a summary. “We just have to test this preamp because it has the words ‘120V DC […]

Crescendo duo @ Age of Audio

This one is something for our fans and friends in Italy. The online magazine Age of Audio published a great review about our 120V Technology Microphone Preamplifier SPL Crescendo duo.You can find the complete review (in Italian) online at Age of Audio.Here we provide you with a teaser in English: “SPL has taken another step […]

Crescendo duo @

At you can find a review (in German) about the SPL Crescendo duo – with video links. Andrew Levine has put the device through its paces. You can find the full review online. We have put together a short summary for you: 120V Technology: “The idea behind the 120 V Technology is to transmit […]

SPL Crescendo duo Give-Away

You are sitting right in your studio reading this blogpost about the SPL Crescendo duo Give-Away, thinking the Crescendo duo would be the perfect front-end to get the best out of your recordings? Now this is your chance to get yours – for free! Send some greetings out of your studio and you are in! […]

Crescendo duo @

Matching the product launch, this is the this first review (in German) about our Crescendo duo. You can find it online at We have compiled a short summary for you: First impression: “According to the current product design of SPL, the Crescendo duo also has a modern black and silver look. Its 2U 19-inch sheet […]