Director & Performer in image hifi

image hifi published a review about our DA converter & preamplifier SPL Director and our stereo power amplifier SPL Performer s800.

“With the Director, SPL combines a classical approach with original ideas.”

“The Performer s800 is SPL’s first power amplifier. A huge transformer, some smoothing capacity – yes, we’ve all seen that before but rarely this compact.”

“In my opinion, attention to detail is the most important thing when it comes to listening to music. Without that, it doesn’t work for me and it lacks atmosphere. Of course this should not result in a harsh and overemphasized sound. That’d be annoying. SPL would not be in this magazine today, if there would be any risk of that. Our test candidates are able to handle both: They show a studio equipment tool character with magnified details of the recording. At the same time, they let us experience something thrilling and absolutely involving”

“If this would be a car magazine, I’d write that the electronics of SPL are pedal to the metal.”

The Director:

“…as an analog preamp it operates as straightforward as along an aiming stake.
Grip and transparency always maintain the balance. Giving full effect to the abilities of the SACD player.”

“And what about the operation of the converter?
Again, the DAC inside the SPL lets me enjoy a truly immersive experience, again it sounds just a bit more vehement and fascinating.”


“Both – Director and Performer – form a fantastic pre/power amplifier combination. You won’t get a better close-up of a recording via hi-fi than with these two.”


“The performance of Director and Performer is extra brut, free of grease, tremendously tight, rhythmically straight to the point and dynamically precise. The fact that the rendition is far away from nitpicking, despite its transparency and clarity, its attention to detail and preciseness, results from the impetus with which the music is played back at any time. These are ideal amplifiers, not to say: fun devices for listeners that can handle the truth.”

Find the complete review as well as an interview with Hermann Gier in the current edition (September/October) of image hifi magazine.