LowBeats.de – Review: The new Professional Fidelity series of SPL

At Lowbeats.de you will find the first review of the combination of our Stereo Power Amplifier Performer s800 and our new DA converter and preamplifier Director.

Both units stepped up to invalidate the Hi-Fi world prejudice that pro equipment does everything right but has a lack of sensitivity when it comes to audiophile qualities.”

But Jürgen Schröder of Lowbeats already states in his introduction:

That is why we were even more surprised about the meticulousness manner SPL mastermind Hermann Gier and his team are able to hear and pick out the best parts and components to integrate in the units in their teamwork. So you can really look forward to the ‘Mastering Grade Listening’…”

The introductory article (German) about the “Professional Fidelity” series and a short video from “High-End 2016” (German) are available at LowBeats under the following link:



First test: Stereo Power Amplifier SPL Performer s800

Pure brawn, no grease – this motto of the Performer s800 not only refers to the ‘high power density’ but also to its straight and direct signal flow.”

… voltage amplifier stage and power amplifier stage each have their own coupling path, which makes the separation perfect. A simple but also brilliant solution, which in similar form i only knew from one of the best power amplifiers in the world, the Ayre AX5.”

That’s how the SPL Performer s800 sounds

Yes – this is exactly how it should sound.”

Coclusion SPL Performer s800: a compact sound sensation

Here you can find the complete review (German) of the Performer s800 Power Amplifier:http://www.lowbeats.de/erster-test-stereo-endstufe-spl-performer-s800/

Test SPL Director: Pro DAC preamp for your home

Of course you could realize all primary functions of the director with highly integrated chips on a circuit board which would not be much bigger than an USB stick, without doubt. All the more surprising is a glance inside the unit: Wow – That’s really something. You see right away that SPL is specialized in terms of audio technology for more than 30 years.”

No less exciting is the built of the D/A converter section,…”

The ‘heart’ of the unit is the DAC chip AD 1955 of Analog Devices, which is unquestionably a worldwide respected classic.”

“SPLs Hermann Gier states: ‘We took a closer look at a lot of converter designs and wondered why all innovations are at the digital domain not at the analog side. We have over 30 years of experience in analog technology and we are convinced that we can achieve improvement in the analog domain of DA conversion.’”


That’s how the SPL Director sounds

Also during the listening test, the Director convinced all along the line with a perfectly fine sound, which in addition is distinguished by sovereignty and its great tonal range.”


Here you can find the complete review of the DA converter and preamplifier Director (German):http://www.lowbeats.de/test-spl-director-profi-dac-preamp-fuer-zuhause/

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