SPL Demo Studio

The SPL demo studio is ready!
In this blogpost we want to introduce you to our new demo studio. In the future, there we will create product videos, host product trainings and put our development ideas through their paces.

The studio is not only equipped with all SPL mastering devices. All devices of the SPL Professional Fidelity series are also on site.

The Mastering Desk

In our mastering desk you can find all products of our Mastering series. As you can see there is still some space left for new products.

To the left:
The compressor

IRON – Mastering Compressor

As a mastering compressor, IRON is inspired by the legendary vintage tube compressors à la Fairchild, Collins or Gates and has been developed in a way to give modern productions more energy and power with the advantages of the 120V technology.


The heart of the desk:
The control center

MC16 – 16-Channel Mastering Monitor Controller

The MC16 is designed to monitor surround and immersive audio projects (Dolby Atmos®, Auro 3D®) in the analog domain, offering the same unrivalled quality as 120V stereo monitoring.

Mercury – Mastering D/A Converter

Mercury is the first mastering DA-converter in 120V technology. It offers seven digital stereo input sources, all of which can be synchronized with each other or with a word clock. The additional variable output qualifies Mercury as a monitor controller.

Gemini – Mastering M/S Processor

Gemini is the first mid/side processor in 120V technology. In mastering, M/S processing is often the best way to get targeted access to individual elements of a mix.

DMC – Mastering Console

The DMC is the heart of the mastering studio. The converters, the players, the DAW, the recorders and the speakers are connected to them. The audio quality of the console is therefore crucial. And like all devices of the mastering series, the DMC also works on the unparalleled 120V technology.

Hermes – Mastering Router with dual Parallel Mix

With Hermes it is possible to have an audio signal processed with up to eight 2-channel processors in any order that can be stored. At the push of a button you can compare up to four complex processing chains.

To the right:
The equalizers

PQ – Mastering Equalizer

This is a unique equalizer – for several reasons. It has two times five fully parametric filter bands, each of which can be switched between constant Q and proportional Q! And there’s sheer unlimited headroom and a very special kind of EQ sound – thanks to 120V technology.

PASSEQ – Passive Mastering Equalizer

In the PASSEQ we have revived the concept of the passive equalizer that was used in the 50’s and 60’s. The charming sound of this vintage technology combined with the modern 120V technology results in a very special equalizer.


Professional Fidelity

In addition to all SPL Mastering products, the complete Professional Fidelity series is of course also present in our demo studio.

Listening section featuring our Phonitor x and Phonitor xe headphone amplifiers.

Setting the tone, left to right:

Director Mk2 – DA Converter and Preamplifier (red)

Elector – Analog Preamplifier (black)

Phonos – RIAA Phono Preamplifier (silver)

Full Power:

The main monitoring system consists of custom Verdade 2 studio monitors and corresponding low-frequency extension.

The SPL Crossover ensures that the correct frequency range of the signal is sent to the appropriate loudspeakers and that the low frequencies are in phase.

A Performer s1200 drives the Verdade 2. Two Performer s800 (in bridge mode) take care of the low frequency extension.

Crossover – Active Analog 2-Way Crossover

Performer s1200 – Stereo Power Amplifier

2 x Performer s800 – Stereo Power Amplifier

The second pair of stereo speakers in our room comes from the manufacturer Audio Physic and is driven by one Performer m1000 each.

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