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SPL broadens the range of the 500 series and puts one of their most popular products into the lunchbox: the headphone amplifier Phonitor.”

In the current issue (Feb./March 2/2017) of German Recording Magazin, you will find a review about our Headphone Monitoring Amplifier 500 Series module SPL HPm. Chief editor Moritz Hillmayer gives a compact overview of the unit.

There are a lot of preamps, compressors and EQs for the API-500 rack-system, now we additionally get a headphone amp with thePhonitor Matrix.”


Very skillful and (typical of SPL) well-conceived is the fact that the original input signals are slaved through to the outputs of the lunchbox.”

In comparison to its predecessor, the HPm provides two outputs for two headphones, which separately can be controlled in level. This is ideal, especially for mobile usage, because besides the engineer, the musician can also listen on headphones.”


The HPm reasonably expands the possibilities of lunchboxes and offers lots of features and functions regarding its price”

Highly recommended!”


You will find the complete review in German Recording Magazin, edition Feb./March 2/2017.

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