HPm at proaudio.de

At proaudio.de, you will find a short review of our Headphone Monitoring Amplifier 500 Series module HPm:

During the last few years API 500 series modules grew in popularity. But what was missing was a high-quality headphone amplifier for monitoring. SPL’s headphone amplifier HPm is now filling this gap.”


I would describe the sound of the HPm as pleasingly neutral. There are no distortions in any form whatsoever. Actually absolutely convincing.”

We tried different headphones with impedances ranging from 40 up to 100 ohms. There were no problems at all. Also the maximum output level is absolutely sufficient.”

The Matrix function is a helpful addition to get a loudspeaker-like monitoring situation on headphones.”


The price of the unit in terms of fuctionality, sound quality and manifacturing is absolutely reasonable.”

The sound quality of the HPm is very good, considering the technical possibilities of a 500 series rack system. Especially the neutral sound is convincing and the technical values are at the highest level.”

So anyone who got two slots left in his or her 500 series rack and is in search of a high-quality headphone amplifier, the HPm will fullfil all your requirements.”


You will find the complete review (in German) at proaudio.de


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