SPL Elector, Performer s800 and Performer m1000 @ Stereo Times

“Sound Performance Lab’s designers and engineers have figured out something with their proprietary VOLTAiR technology because the “house sound” of their preamplifier and amplifiers offers some of the finest overall musicality that I have heard in solid-state gear.”

Not so long ago, Terry London was looking for an inexpensive, truly balanced preamplifier to use in one of his smaller systems. During his research, he came across a review about our Volume2. Terry bought one and tells that his experience with the Volume2 preamplifier intrigued him to pursue contacting the U.S. importer of SPL, Focal Naim America, to set up this review.
At US online magazine Stereo Times, you can find a review about our Professional Fidelity devices SPL Elector, Performer s800 and Performer m1000.

Elector – The Anaolog Preamplifier:

“The Elector preamplifier has a pair of VU meters on the upper right side of its faceplate. On the right of the VU meters is a standby switch. Underneath the VU meters sit two small switches, VU gain for the meters, and a tape monitor input. The middle is a large volume control that is a pleasure to use because of its silky-smooth/firm action when not using the remote control.”

Performer s800 and m1000 – Power Amplifiers:

“The s800 amplifier is an A/B design. It will provide 185 watts-per-channel into 8 Ohms and 285 watts into 4 Ohms. The m1000 monoblock amplifier is an A/B design. These monoblocks will provide 420 watts into 8 Ohms, 750 watts into 4 Ohms, and 1000 watts into 2 Ohms.”

VOLTAiR Technology:

“All of the SPL pieces described above are based on a proprietary design called VOLTAiR technology, which operates on an unrivaled +/- 60-volt loading compared to the standard +/- 15-volt loading. This is four times the voltage of standard audio electronics. This leads to phenomenal measurements such as 1) Headroom range of over 33.2dB. 2) Dynamic range of 141.4dB. 3) Less noise range of 114.2dB.”

“All three SPL pieces offer three very apparent characteristics that lead to an overall beautiful/relaxing musical experience for the listener. An overall silky-smooth presentation that rivals the grainlessness of the best tube-based gear. A top to bottom balance where all frequencies are woven together in a natural, seamless manner. They also offer great overall macro-dynamics that give the music the drive and pop to get your foot tapping to the music’s beat.”


“After spending many delightful hours listening to the Elector preamplifier with either the s800 single-chassis and m1000 monoblocks, I came to the following conclusion:

“I was mightily impressed with SPL’s Elector preamplifier and both the s800 and m1000 amplifiers. The build quality and engineering live up to what you expect from a high-level German company. Now, add on the list of sonic superlatives such as a grainless silky-smooth overall presentation, quick, powerful macro-dynamics and speed, seamless integration of all frequencies from top to bottom, and rendering of tube-like timbres and image density. I believe the combo of the Elector preamplifier and s800 stereo amplifier is one of the great bargains in high-end audio.”

You can find the complete review online at Stereo Times.

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