Phonitor 2 @ KOPFHOERER.DE

“Flawless manufacturing, innovative technology, powerful performance and outstanding sound: the SPL Phonitor 2 is an absolutely recommendable partner for headphones at reference-level .”

The online magazine tested our Phonitor 2 in August of this year and subsequently declared it the “best headphone amplifier”, awarding it five out of five stars and the top score of 1.0. Wow! We feel very honored. Lets find out how this all happened:

“The Phonitor 2 is the most elaborated SPL headphone amplifier of the studio series. It convinces me immediately with its elegant design and high-quality manufacturing.”

“The job definition of the Phonitor 2 is straightforward, which also applies to the operation. Besides the source selection, the user decides which output is desired, how much volume you like to use and how or if the Phonitor Matrix comes into play.”

“A special feature of the Phonitor 2 is a switchable, full-featured Phonitor Matrix. The purpose of this is to match the specific sound of headphones, which conceptually deliver a different and often more intense spatial reproduction due to their perfect channel separation, to a playback on loudspeakers.”


“The result was a playback chain with an absolutely consistent sound, which amplifies the sources with all details and with exemplary fast response, completely neutral and without any noise and thus ultimately brings out the characteristics of the source but also of the respective headphones.”

“The Phonitor 2 doesn’t mask anything and thus also reveals weaknesses in the source material, provided the appropriate headphones are used. Harshness, imbalances, dynamic limitations, editing errors, but also flat or spatially unpleasant mixes.”

“The dynamics are excellent, but so is the consistency of complex productions – ranging from orchestral classical to pop, jazz and metal.”

“Compared to simpler or most integrated solutions, an advantage in sound is recognizable. In practice, this is experienced in the form of a better resolution, but also in a significantly later beginning of listening fatigue at the same time. Listening to music and working with the Phonitor 2 not only sounds outstanding, but is also fun and possible for hours – a quality criteria in the professional environment.”


“The SPL Phonitor 2 appeals to professional users who demand purely analog, equally audiophile and practical equipment to monitor with headphones and loudspeakers in the recording studio.”

Besides flawless manufacturing, innovative technology and powerful performance, the device is distinguished by its superior sound, which resolves source signals in the frequency range, in spaciousness and in dynamics in the best possible way, thus allowing an in-depth evaluation.“

“The Phonitor Matrix may be seen as a valuable tool for getting closer to the sound image of the loudspeaker reproduction, thus providing the sound engineer with a reliable basis for evaluation when mixing on headphones, which most competitors lack.”

“So if you’re looking for the right partner for your high-quality headphones, you’ll find the SPL Phonitor 2 a highly recommendable reference level tool.”

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