Performer s1200 @ Part-Time Audiophile

“The SPL Performer s1200 provides a different set of strengths, such as the ability to drive any transducer with ease. 300 watts per channel from a beefy class AB amplifier is a set-it-and-forget-it enterprise – you’ll never worry if this amplifier is up to the task. It’s stoic and formidable at the same time.”

You can find a review about our stereo amplifier SPL Performer s1200 at Part-Time Audiophile. Marc Phillips tested the device and wrote some lines for the online magazine. You can find the complete review online and a summary here on our blog.


“I was first drawn to SPL because of its looks. I saw it in Chicago, at AXPONA 2022. I saw it in Munich. Neat, clean looks with lots of color.”

“The Performer is a solid-state class AB design, which is undoubtedly a common approach for amp circuits. What SPL adds to the mix is their proprietary VOLTAiR technology that keeps the amplifier performing more consistently at the frequency extremes. There are separate stages for power and voltage, and each stage has its own negative feedback path which keeps feedback from the transducers from ‘interacting with the input stage.’ VOLTAiR is designed to keep the amp from operating in a critical stage – it’s always relaxed, open and optimal.”


“My first impression of the sound of the SPL Performer s1200 was that of supreme neutrality. Over time, I noticed more about the sound of the Performer s1200. I noticed it had a personality all its own.”

“During my time with the SPL, I noticed that every pair of speakers imaged with considerable finesse.”

“What made this sense of imaging so special was the extra “pop” the SPL brought to the proceedings. By pop, I mean detail that jumps out at you and perhaps brings an extra layer of sound that you haven’t heard before.”

“There was a lovely consistency in the way the SPL power amplifier was so organized and precise, but in a way that allowed the music to move and breathe and exist without a hint of stress.”

“The Performer doesn’t just sound big and relaxed – it offered a very balanced and natural delivery of all types of music.”

“Finally, my one word for the SPL Performer s1200 power amplifier was stable. Usually, calling an amp stable is a very specific thing regarding its smooth operation. In this case, I’m referring to a stability in the overall sonic presentation – soundstaging, imaging and dynamics were anchored firmly and fixed precisely. That added a natural and relaxed feeling to the music on top of that neutrality, and I could focus on it and say, ‘This is the SPL sound.’”


“The SPL VOLTAiR circuit technology introduces the idea that a lot of power doesn’t necessarily mean a powerful, authoritarian type of sound. Since VOLTAiR keeps the SPL Performer s1200 power amplifier operating within an optimal range from top to bottom, the amp keeps its cool. That comes out in the overall sound of this amp, which is both neutral and relaxed, open and natural without any noticeable colorations.”

“On top of all that sonic goodness, the SPL Performer s1200 stereo power amplifier is a beautiful and compact power amp that makes a great visual statement – not something you ordinarily get with a solid-state power amplifier.”

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