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As a manufacturer you always want a device to perform at its best in a test – but that one of the most renowned hifi online magazines decides to install the device as a reference in their listening room after the test is one of the biggest compliments there is! You can find the whole story (in German) online at LowBeats. Here is a small summary:

“SPL, based in the placid Niederkruechten, is one of the most renowned names in the field of studio electronics: the well thought-out SPL pro devices can be found in the best studios around the globe.”

“In 2014, the SPL team came to the conclusion that they would also use their extensive know-how in hifi. So far, this idea has resulted in wonderful hifi products: devices like the DAC preamp Director, the compact and powerful s800 power amplifier or – an absolute domain of SPL – the Phonitor headphone amplifiers. All of them are extraordinary, original devices in a pleasant studio look and with the robustness you are used to from the pro audio domain.”


“The image of the power amplifier, which is ‘too heavy to even walk’, is nothing new for us. Because there are so many comparably powerful power amplifiers on the market that sound pretty tired. The SPL Performer m1000 is different – also because such a sound almost contradicts the ideas of SPL developer Bastian Neu and therefore he uses as few components as possible.”

“There’s just one more keyword to be mentioned: VOLTAIR. As with all SPL devices, developer Neu relies on the high-voltage technology that SPL has driven to perfection over the years in the m1000. The secret behind this is an internal operating voltage of +/- 60 volts; +/-15 volts are common. Although this requires a number of high-voltage-resistant components, SPL thus delivers a very high, undistorted output voltage, less noise and significantly improved dynamics of its components.”

“In the now many weeks of operation, the SPL Performer m1000 has never failed us. Although we sometimes tortured it really hard, it accepted everything – without switching off, not even getting really warm. That’s what I call a problem-free power amplifier.”


“With the m1000, it always gets terrific when really high performance is required.”

“The SPL device then proves that it can handle the bass on a very short leash even at extreme levels. With a fitting record, the bass sound is punchy and hard and yet breathtakingly effortless.”

“With power amps of this kind, you tend to turn the volume control far to the right – because it remains undistorted for so long. What is neglected here are the musical qualities that the m1000 also offers due to its stringent construction, low distortion and high internal dynamics. It’s just so much fun to listen to music with these mono blocks – also because they manage to paint such rich tonal colors.”


“Let’s make it short: there are certainly power amplifiers in this performance and demand class that sparkle even more finely at the top. But this is not the sound idea of Bastian Neu. His power amplifiers sound earthy, dynamic and powerful – in my opinion: absolutely natural. So natural that the two m1000 now remain as a reference in the LowBeats listening room.”

“What can you say? A power amplifier which has a great look, is strong as an ox, absolutely stable and which on top of that sounds extremely natural. You will hardly get such a power amplifier below 15.000 euros. You would think so. The SPL Performer m1000 costs 8.400 euros per pair. And although this is a bit of money, it is quite cheap considering what it offers. If we were to give out school grades, that would mean a straight A.”

Find the complete review (in German) online at LowBeats.

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