MTC Mk2 @ Amazona

“Basically, the MTC Mk1 was always considered the industry standard for professional applications, nevertheless, its successor just sounds significantly better.”

“With the SPL MTC Mk2 monitor controller, SPL launches an update of its popular and established studio all-rounder. After the first version was produced almost unchanged for more than 15 years, the successor combines many technical innovations of current SPL products, but keeps the practical combination of volume control, talkback microphone and headphone amplifier. A direct comparison with its predecessor shows that a lot has really improved.”

Amazona has published a review about the new SPL MTC Mk2 Monitor & Talkback Controller. The complete review can be found online [German]– here we provide a short summary:

“All control elements are tightly bolted to separate dark blue panels, which in turn are embedded into the front panel.”

“The arrangement of pushbuttons and knobs has changed a bit, with the first thing that stands out, of course, being the impressive, centrally positioned volume control, whose 4.5 cm wide knob really invites you to reach for it.”

“Above the volume control are two rows of pushbuttons, whose functions are clearly and visually separated from one another not only by being divided into several segments, but also by being illuminated in different colors. This creates a better overview of the active components and also makes overall access faster and more intuitive than before.”

“On the left side, up to four stereo input sources can be selected simultaneously via pushbutton, on the right side, a maximum of three monitor pairs and a subwoofer can be activated in parallel. In addition, there is a -10 dB attenuation for all speakers and separate mutes for the speaker and headphone outputs. The number of headphone amplifiers is two, doubling the number of its predecessor; in addition, this section now features the SPL Phonitor Matrix.“


“Just like the SPL Series One models, the MTC Mk2 operates internally with a voltage of +/- 18 volts, achieving a large headroom of up to +22.5 dB. According to the developer, the circuit design of the Series One also served as the basis, although he has refined it a bit more for the new Studio Series.”

“…completely noise-free, uncolored and very linear. Both via speakers and headphones, the input signal is reproduced objectively and analytically, and compared to the predecessor, it is noticeable that the overall sound image seems tidier and cleaner.”

“All instruments and voices of a song appear very precise and clean, this is especially noticeable within the low frequencies by a nice, tight contour of the bass sound.”


“The SPL MTC Mk2 is an excellent monitor controller for professional studio setups. Compared to the previous model, SPL has significantly optimized the new version in almost all aspects.”

“Above all, the MTC Mk2 convinces with its first-class, clean and brilliant sound, which at the same time has a beautiful, classy touch and really meets the high demands of a neutral monitoring path.”

“Thanks to the combination of multiple connectivity options, the high-quality headphone amplifier with Phonitor Matrix and the amazingly good talkback microphone, SPL combines several important components for the daily studio use in one device.”

“The price is absolutely fair and justified for a device of this quality developed and manufactured in Germany.”

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