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Wow! From serving as a test device to being the new reference preamp. After our Performer m1000 power amp has already become a reference device for the LowBeats editorial team, our DA converter and preamplifier SPL Director Mk2 is now following its lead. You can find the whole story online at LowBeats. Here is a short summary:

“The SPL Director Mk2 has been in the editorial office for a good six months now and has quietly worked its way up into the position of a reference preamp in the shadow of the impressive SPL mono power amp blocks called Performer m1000.”

“Its straightforwardness, its relaxed sonic performance at all times and its high operational reliability made it clear that the Director Mk2 originates from the pro audio world, in which SPL has been playing an important role for many, many years.”


“Common hifi devices work with an internal operating voltage of plus/minus 15 volts. That is sufficient, according to almost all developers… [SPLs] high-voltage technology relies on an internal voltage of plus/minus 60 volts. This is four times as high and allows a significantly higher power range with low-distortion.”

“The central component here is the AK4490EQ chipset from AKM. This chipset demonstrates the philosophy of the Pro-Fi manufacture, which SPL CEO Hermann Gier once again vividly outlined during his last LowBeats visit: all relevant components get tested via listening and subsequently selected.”


“In the first listening tests we tried to determine the quality of the DAC section. The Director Mk2 kept most of the connected competitor DACs at bay with its very dynamic and neutral-balanced performance.”

“Snare drums sound even more crisp, authentic, voices … more powerful, clearly more physical and detailed…”

“After many days of listening tests it became more and more clear how good this SPL preamplifier actually is, although it was rather ‘unobtrusive’ at the first listening impressions. Tonally perfectly balanced and with a wonderful relaxed sonorous attitude, it turns out to be a real master in the dynamic range as well, calmly leading the listener to the most important point: you no longer think about this or that aspect, about the depth of space or dynamic nuances of the brass sections, but suddenly you are in the music. I think that this is the highest art.”

“A look at the notes of my fellow testers showed an astonishing overlap: at the bottom line they all found the Mk2 to be the preamplifier they would most like to listen to at home. A strong vote.”


The SPL Direcctor Mk2 not only optically falls through the cracks of common 19 inch hifi. Thanks to its audiophile tuning and high-voltage technology, it sounds much more hearty, natural and relaxed than you would expect from an offspring of the pro audio world. It creates the desire to listen to music for a long, intensive period of time and shows how much progress can be made nowadays with cleverly used transistor technology.”

“Also in terms of features, the SPL preamplifier offers a package that meets almost all requirements and convinces with an integrated converter board, which makes most (separate) luxury class DACs look quite old. Against this background, we can and we must give Mr. Director an excellent price/performance rating.”

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