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At you can find a review (in German) about the SPL Crescendo duo – with video links. Andrew Levine has put the device through its paces. You can find the full review online. We have put together a short summary for you:

120V Technology:

“The idea behind the 120 V Technology is to transmit the sound as transparently as possible using the SUPRA amplifier modules developed by SPL, which operate at twice the operating voltage of the best discrete operational amplifiers, or four times that of IC-based semiconductor operational amplifiers. This results in an increase in dynamic range, signal-to-noise ratio and distortion limit. The finest details are recorded effortlessly, which is essential for the most demanding projects.”


“The Crescendo Duo has two channels with up to 70 dB of gain and two outputs per channel, whose gain can be raised or lowered by 10 dB independently of the input level using the switchable ‚Output’ switch. This allows the rest of the chain to be supplied with an optimal level. The large rotary knob is detented and internally switches the gain by increasingly larger amounts, from +1 to +4 to +7 dB. The output level control is continuously variable.”

In practice:

“I already had some practical experience with the eight-channel Crescendo. The little brother Crescendo duo’s first gig took place at a streaming concert in Berlin.”

“As expected, the Crescendo duo provided me with a wonderfully transparent representation of the acoustic events. The brownies [United Minorities Browny Microphones] have only minimal inherent noise, to which nothing was added by the mic preamp, so that really only the pure sound came on the record.”


“If I did not already own a Crescendo, it could well be the Crescendo duo.”

“In my opinion it is a perfect option for producers who are looking for one or two channels with optimal pre-amplification for the highest demands. ‘Wire with Gain’ in its purest form.”

“The Crescendo duo can be ordered for about 2,000 euros either directly from SPL or from any well-stocked specialist dealer. I recommend listening to it only if you have a fixed budget, because returning it will break your heart.”

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