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At you can find a review (in German) with sound examples of our 8-Channel Microphone Preamp featuring 120V Technology SPL Crescendo. Jörg Hoffmann put the device through its paces. Here is a little summary.

Build quality and design:

“Flawless! SPL has built a very fine piece of technology there. Even in the details the device looks very accurate and of high quality. The knobs, the switches and the great VU meters – it’s all done very accurate and lovely.”

“Eight microphone preamps are built into the SPL: all of them placed nicely side by side in a 2U rack housing, which, if you ask me, actually belongs on a lighted platform.”

“The quality of the plugs and jacks and the cleanly constructed technology is also absolutely perfect and makes one nod admiringly.”


“Already at the first tones of the test with a microphone connected, you notice that this 120 volt thing is not an empty promise. The reproduced dynamics of the system are really impressive.”

“Noise and discolouration are of course not an issue with this SPL device and the Crescendo adds something to it that is very difficult to describe with words. It is this unrestrained fine dynamic – the SPL device lurks like a cat before easily jumping on any dynamic challenge. This speed of execution can rarely be found anywhere else and I can only assume that this is also a consequence of the generous voltage supply. Even at permanently high levels, you never get the feeling that this SPL device has to make any kind of effort. The Crescendo can easily handle any dynamic peak and if at all, you should be concerned about the impulse stability of your monitor speakers.”


“Everything done right, SPL. The Crescendo is an enrichment for every sound engineer’s equipment. A superbly crafted 8-channel preamp for highest sonic demands, which once again makes it clear that for a studio environment, a high level of development effort and innovative technology definitely pays off.”

Find the complete review (in German) online at Amazona.

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