Gemini & Hermes in Studio Magazin

Friedemann Kootz wrote an extensive and detailed review (in German). We highly recommend to check it out! Here’s a little English summary: Hermes: “Hermes was the messenger of the gods and the god of traffic, in Greek mythology, so he is not at all badly suited as a name giver for a device which has […]

Director Mk2 in lite-Magazin

lite-Magazine is an online magazine about lifestyle and technology. Editor Volker Frech extensively tested our DA Converter and Preamplifier SPL Director Mk2 and is impressed: “There are products that provide a feeling of high quality and exceptionality as soon as you unpack them. The SPL Director Mk2 is such a component: With its characteristic look […]

SPL PQ @ SonicScoop

Nick Messitte of online platform SonicScoop was “on the hunt for a mastering-grade stereo equalizer for a while” when the opportunity to review an SPL PQ came his way. So he did an awesome review, which also includes some sound example videos, that we wholeheartedly recommend to check out. Here’s a short summary: “No one […]

SPL Crescendo duo Give-Away

You are sitting right in your studio reading this blogpost about the SPL Crescendo duo Give-Away, thinking the Crescendo duo would be the perfect front-end to get the best out of your recordings? Now this is your chance to get yours – for free! Send some greetings out of your studio and you are in! […]

Phonitor x @ HiFi-IFAs

Not long ago, the HiFi-IFAs tested our DA converter & preamp SPL Director Mk 2 and were completely enthusiastic about it. This is why Falk Visarius decided to grab an SPL Phonitor x with optional DAC 768xs D/A converter module and put it through the acid test: “Those who follow our blog closely probably know […]

Crescendo duo @

Matching the product launch, this is the this first review (in German) about our Crescendo duo. You can find it online at We have compiled a short summary for you: First impression: “According to the current product design of SPL, the Crescendo duo also has a modern black and silver look. Its 2U 19-inch sheet […]

SPL Mercury – Customer Feedback

We would like to present an awesome customer feedback we received. Jens Buchholtz from Nordwest-Mastering recently purchased our Mastering D/A converter SPL Mercury and has sent us this great review. Of course, we want to share this with you. Many thanks to Jens! Here we go: “As a big fan and user of SPL’s mastering […]

Frontliner @

How about an extensive review plus sound examples about the flagship among our channel strips – the SPL Frontliner. has taken a close look at the device: “If you decide to purchase the SPL Frontliner Channelstrip, you get the following: a tube-transistor hybrid with separate, discrete microphone and line preamps and an additional front […]

Hermes @ Bonedo

You wished for a review with sound samples of our Hermes? Bonedo fulfills that wish. Felix Klostermann has taken a close look at our Mastering Router. Here, we provide you with a short summary: “The SPL Hermes is a mastering router or a highly flexible insert matrix for up to eight stereo processors on one […]

Director Mk2 & Performer s800 @

“You can always tell that the Director Mk2 and Performer s800 do not originate from the traditional hi-fi world. The emphasis is on technical specifications, the relatively modest sonic coloring and the functional retro design. Uninteresting for the hifi enthusiasts? The performance of these devices will quickly change your mind.” Today we have something for […]