BiG @ Colt Capperrune 

“It is not very often, that a product comes along that is truly unique and original. The market is so flooded with so many plugins and so many pieces of gear that it’s just a rare thing. What’s even more rare than that, is when that new, fresh, interesting, innovative product comes along and it exactly fills a hole in my workflow and in my studio, like it was made for me.”

On the Youtube channel of artist, producer and engineer Colt Capperrune you will find a video with sound samples about our 500 series double-slot module for stereo stage processing – SPL BiG. Watch the video and enjoy listening to the sound samples.

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“What does this magic black box actually do?”


The huge BIGNESS control adjusts the intensity of the STEREO IMAGE SHAPING.


“Where it starts to get a little crazy is when you look at the range knob. I don’t really know how to put it in words but it is a knob that I wouldn’t have the slighest idea how to duplicate with a plugin. I don’t have any idea what it is actually doing on a technical level. I’ve never seen anything else that does that.”


“The next knob is the stage selection knob. The idea here is that you’re moving the sound from in front of you to behind you. There is definitely a whole lot of character in this knob It changes the way the widening feels completely – it’s a very cool knob.”


“The bass switch is derived from the AirBass circuit from SPL’s IRON Mastering Compressor – very high-end expensive compressor.
All I can tell you is when I flip that bass, I love what it does! If I’m working on something and I feel like it needs some thicker sub bass, I flip that switch and it does exactly what I would like to come out the speakers.”

How about mono?

“Somehow with all the trickery that is happening in this box it is not messing with the phase relationship in mono at all. The mix still collapse to mono identically regardless of how extreme the settings are in this. I have no idea how that’s possible – but it does it.”

“Could we actually get this also done with a plugin?”

“I did spend some time comparing this to a plugin – my favorite plugin for widening mixes prior to this. All I’m going to say is, I think BiG has a better phase coherence and I like it better than the plugin that I’ve been using forever.”

“These are the sort of things that are worth something to me. Things that give me the results that I want. Quick and painless without much effort. I have used it on every single mix and every single master that I’ve worked on since it showed up at my front door. I’m keeping this. This is not going anywhere!”

And by the way: Colt is giving away an SPL BiG to one of his fans in the US and Canada [giveaway ends on September 8th].

Check his Youtube for more!

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