BiG @ Bonedo

“This is BIG! Beautifully wide, spatial and still mono compatible! With a few controls, you can make stereo signals big in seconds.”

At Bonedo you can find a review (with sound samples) about our new series 500 module SPL BiG. You can read the complete review (in German) online. Here provide a short summary as usual.

“The SPL BiG basically is a spatial tool in API 500 module design, which is used for processing the stereo image or the stereo stage. As such a device, it provides stereo inputs and outputs, which explains that it is a double-slot module, as this is the only way to accommodate a correspondingly large number of connectors on the rear panel.”

“A simple stereo widener, only with remarkably big controls, or what?”

“Rather not, because if you remember SPL’s history, they have already provided many revolutionary innovations for sound designers. SPL BiG is a completely new development and a spatial tool that has never existed in this form before. Whereby especially the big-mouthed attributes of the controls have attracted my interest: Range, Stage and Bigness.”

“BIG! That’s exactly what the SPL device does. Especially drums get a great size through the SPL BiG, although I have exaggerated here and there to better demonstrate the effects of the STAGE feature. Guitars also get a nice, classy width, especially when BiG is used modestly.”

“The few controls of the SPL BiG are goal-oriented to operate, so you can summarize: I have never created width and bigness so quickly and easily!”


“With the SPL BiG, the German manufacturer has once again accomplished a small coup, although small is actually not the right attribute for the sound.”

“Processing and haptics are likewise harmonious – and thus you will probably see the new ‘BiG knob‘ soon in many series 500 racks.”

“Considering this and the excellent manufacturing, the great feel and the ’Made in Germany’ seal, the price of the SPL BiG is perfectly okay for a series 500 module.”

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