Diamond @ fairaudio

At the online HiFi magazine fairaudio you can find a review of our premium DAC with VOLTAiR technology – SPL Diamond. The complete review (in German) is available online – here we have compiled some highlights for you. “The SPL Diamond hardly raises any questions in terms of operation and connections. With its optical and […]

Phonitor 3 DAC @ Amazona

“It doesn’t get any better!” At Amazona you can find a review of our headphone amplifier, monitor controller and DAC with 120V technology – the SPL Phonitor 3 DAC. The complete review (in German) is available online – a summary here on our blog. “It is rare enough that the market leader of a pro […]

Mastering Academy meets SPL

Exciting news! On September 27, 2023 the Mastering Academy will host an exclusive, but free of charge online event showcasing the centerpieces of the SPL Mastering series. This event will be highly interactive, and you will have the opportunity to see Mastering Academy’s CEO, Friedemann Tischmeyer (Alan Parsons, Steely Dan) and Mastering Coach, Farzad “Farzi” […]

SPL User Story: Chartmakers, Svante Forsbäck

Within this SPL User Story we want to introduce you to Svante Forsbäck. Svante‘s studio is located in the leafy suburb of Nöykkiö, Espoo, just outside Helsinki. The quiet streets outside belie the mayhem, fireworks and joy in the wide range of music running through Chartmakers. While much of Svante’s output is heavy, he is also […]

Diamond @ HiFi-IFAs

“The sound of the SPL Diamond is wonderfully transparent, fresh and neutral in the most positive sense. The D/A converter can also play up front when the music material demands it. The music fan will receive in analog what he ordered digitally from his jukebox.” At HiFi-IFAs you can find a review about our premium […]

DeEsser Mk2 @ Bonedo

“With the facelift of this popular processor tool into the SPL DeEsser Mk2, SPL has not only done a favor itself, but the entire pro audio industry.” On the online platform Bonedo you can find a review of the SPL DeEsser Mk2. The complete review (in German) with sound samples is available online. Here we […]

Phonitor 3 DAC in Professional Audio

“The SPL Phonitor 3 DAC represents no less than three high-performance devices in one and aims to send mixing and mastering engineers as well as casual listeners into the audiophile kingdom of heaven.” In the current edition of Professional Audio Magazine you will find a review of our headphone amplifier and monitor controller with 120V […]

Diamond in Vumètre

SPL Diamond was rewarded with the “Remarquable” award of French hifi magazine Vumètre. You can read the complete review (in French) in the current edition (48) of the magazine. Here we translated a few highlights for you. “We’re absolute fans of this compact device and especially of its studio ergonomics, representative of a utilitarian product used […]

IRON v2 @ Amazona

“With the SPL IRON v2 tube compressor, the German-based company SPL releases another revision of its product range. After the De-Esser, Transient Designer or MTC have already been revised with minor or major changes, the IRON Mastering Compressor has now also received a technical update.” At Amazona you can find a review featuring a variety […]

Crescendo duo @ Café del Mundo

Café del Mundo extensively using the SPL Crescendo duo to capture their high emotionally and dynamic guitar performance. Live and during recording sessions. They made this little video during their last recording session for their new upcoming project to share some feedback on the product. We’re super excited to hear the finished recordings! Have fun […]