DAC768v2 – the SPL reference DAC in the newest revision!

We are pleased to announce that the new DAC768v2 is now available. The previous version DAC768 has been discontinued. From now on, the new DAC768v2 is installed in the following devices: Director Mk2 Diamond Phonitor xe (DAC768) Mercury Phonitor 3 DAC   DAC768v2 – what’s new: 1. AK 4493 SEQ AK 4493 SEQ

The DAC768v2 is equipped […]

Performer s800 @ HIFI.DE

“It is the smallest and most affordable power amplifier in the product range of the German company Sound Performance Labs – short SPL. Nevertheless, the Performer s800 also comes with the exciting VOLTAiR high-voltage amplifier technology, studio-grade features and plenty of power. We have explored how it sounds in our listening room.” In the online […]

Video – Vitalizer Mk3-T @ Colt Capperrune

“Today we’re going to be checking out a very cool stereo bus processor – the SPL Vitalizer Mk3-T. Let’s get into it.” On the Youtube channel of artist, producer and engineer Colt Capperrune you will find a video with sound examples about our patented sound designer – SPL Vitalizer Mk3-T. “I want to walk you […]

Phonitor xe @ lite-magazin

“This headphone amplifier provides audiophile sound and a three-dimensional representation on the same level as first-class loudspeakers.” ”‘Matrix’ is the magic word here. It ensures an authentic listening experience. In our test, we have already extensively tested the functionality of the matrix and the various possibilities of the Phonitor xe. In this review and video, we summarize […]

Video – SPL Channel One Mk3

SPL Channel One Mk3 – Unboxing, walkthrough and sound samples.Check out this video about our flagship channel strip Channel One Mk3 by Music Metro – our pro audio distributor in South Korea. Although the video is in Korean language, we absolutely recommend watching – the subtitle function might do the job. Watch the video: Play […]

MixDream XP Mk2 @ Amazona

“With the SPL MixDream XP Mk2, the German manufacturer SPL electronics GmbH is raising another device from its portfolio to the next level of development and thus to the next generation and the latest black design. MixDream stands for analog summing at SPL – a subject that is always controversial among experts. Is digital summing […]

Crescendo duo – Introduction & Overview

“We have recorded several classical guitars, audio books, sound libraries for film and entire pop productions with a the Crescendo duo and I wouldn’t record any other way!” Our Dual-Channel Microphone Preamplifier with 120V technology, the SPL Crescendo duo, plays a very special role in Joachim Serge’s [microstudio] set-up. Watch the video to find out […]

Gemini @ Amazona

The German online platform Amazona published great review of our Mastering M/S Processor SPL Gemini including various sound samples. The complete review (in German) is available online at Amazona. We have summarized and translated some of the highlights for you here on our blog. “The SPL Gemini has a 19-inch wide housing with one height […]

Director Mk2 @ HIFI.DE

In the online magazine HIFI.DE you can find a review of our DA converter and preamplifier SPL Director Mk2. The complete review (in German) is available online at HIFI.DE. We have summarized and translated some of the highlights for you here on our blog. “Without the studio devices from SPL, many recordings would not sound the […]

Channel One Mk3 – Walkthrough Video

In this video, SPL Managing Partner Hermann Gier walks you though the new SPL Channel One Mk3 channel strip, talking content like the background, history and development of the device as well as features and functions of our new flagship channel strip. In the newest Mk3 version, the Channel One has been thoroughly revised and, in […]