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At you’ll find a review about our channel strip SPL Track One.

“The SPL Track One MKII is also one of these devices, that (despite from the new silver-grey surface) is built in its original form since 2002. There is no better proof for the quality of a product than a lifespan of 16 years (!!!).”

“At first glance, the SPL Track One MKII immediately makes a positive impression. The housing is solid and well-built, the design is straightforward and easy to grasp and the silver-grey front panel gives the SPL Track One MKII a magnificent appearance.”


“You don’t have to turn the control of the compressor endlessly above 12 o’clock to attain an effect. Already at substantially lower settings, it reacts very effectively while always providing a neutral sound – which means it doesn’t sound at all. And that’s exactly what it should do.”

“With the Make-Up control, you can make up the level reduction in a range of +/-9 dB. This also works without any problems. It is very pleasant, that even with intensive use of the Make-Up, you won’t get any more noise.”


“The de-esser works highly effective. Depending on level and sound, it reduces disturbing sibilants and s-sounds. Always oriented towards the audio material. The result is more than satisfying! Optically, the de-esser is replenished with an LED, that displays disturbing s-sounds, regardless of the On/Off mode. The description in the manual is quite accurate. Using the de-esser is as easy as using a handbrake!”


“With the EQ, SPL did a clever thing. Even though what we’ve got here is ‘merely’ a semi-parametric EQ. Consisting of a Low and a Mid/High band with appertaining Cut/Boost control and additional Air-Band control for harmonics. Though the EQ operates dynamically, similar to the compressor. Simply put this means that the Q factor, accordingly the bandwith of the selected center frequency, depends on the value of the boost or cut through the respective Cut/Boost control.“

“The purpose of the Air-Band is, for example, to give brilliance and presence to voices in the harmonic range, which for various reasons (too much compression, bad microphones etc.) can get lost. This works out more than great.”


“SPL Track One MKII is an all-round winner. The essential processing possibilities for all kinds of sound sources are provided. And this with great quality, also sonicly. What I like to underline again. The Track One sounds amazing!”

You can find the complete review (in German) online at

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