SPL BiG @ Phable

Do you want to know how BiG sounds? Then you should check out this awesome video by Phable. Besides audio examples you get a lot of information about our brand-new 500 series double-slot module for stereo stage processing.

“I really enjoy the build-quality of the SPL BiG. This is absolutely insane and speaks volumes. To find the same build quality as you would have found with the SPL Hermes is just insane.”

“Thank you SPL for building good quality units.”

“BiG is something that shouldn’t be used as a very precised tool but rather as a flexible tool that you need to tune to your ears. Just sit with it – sit down, use it and understand what it is doing.”

“BiG actually made me think about sound and rooms more than before. I was able to use the three dimensions that I have. If you think about what we’re doing nowadays with all those new standards that give us a more three-dimensional sound, I’m actually quite surprised how much we can do just with stereo. If we have the tools, we can make stereo quite three-dimensional. The SPL BiG is one of those devices that gives me the control to place my sounds in the stereo field.”

We totally recommend watching the awesome video!

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