Phonos at Hifistatement netmagazine

In my opinion, the SPL Phonos is the very first Hifi component I know, which has a warm sound with a strong basic tone, without missing out on transparency or details.”

At hifistatement netmagazine you will find a review about our RIAA Phono Preamplifier SPL Phonos. Wolfgang Kemper tested the device and shares his thoughts with you. Here you can find some of his impressions, the full review is only available in German.

First impression and functions:

“The Phonos is a versatile equalizer-preamplifier with useful control elements on the front panel, functional and easy to use.”

“A look at the specifications is astonishing. Up to 71,5 dB.

My beloved Plinius Koru only manages to create a maximum amplification factor for MC of 66 decibels. Of course SPL has the necessary know-how considering this subject.”

“The amply dimensioned power supply is as far away as possible from the amplifier-equalizer section, which is a real eye-catcher, not only because of its six Voltair single op-amp boards of the fourth generation which are arranged vertically on the main board, but also because of the large number of high-quality Styroflex condensers.”

Subsonic filter:

“Even if todays high-quality record players – only such devices you would equip with a Phonos – don’t rumble anymore, uneven vinyl gives cause to activate this filter. Sadly most Phono preamps do not provide such a filter. The Phonos does.”


Practical application and sound:

“When it comes to fine and rough dynamics it creates, thanks to the Voltair technology, an exciting nearness to the live music.”

“The listening experience with the Phonos is remarkable. Never before I felt the groove like I felt it with the SPL preamp. Surely by now all my doubts have been removed.”

“Furthermore I am repeatedly excited about its dynamics and fast impulse frequencies. Additionally you get more tone color in the basic tone area, which is quite conducive to all the music I’ve been listening to.”

“The drums sound colorful, the TomTom appears vivid, because I can hear the tension of the drumhead three-dimensional in its different layers. The Phonos interprets the amazing vocal skills in a detailed and real manner.”

“Furthermore, the Phonos heaves the music powerfully into the room. The drums explode with various tone colors into the depths of the room, in front of and behind the loudspeakers. that’s exactly how it should rock.”


“I here dare to suggest that: Many modern HiFi components, wheter they are loudspeakers, amplifiers or the like, tend to deliver a nice, open and transparent sound. But this often leads to an exaggeration in the higher frequency ranges, which I think sounds unnatural. You won’t find this high frequency sounds in real life. Wheter in chamber and orchestral music, single istruments or at the gig of your local brass band.

The Phonos does not exaggerate. This makes listening to music, even for a long time, a real pleasure without any kind of ear fatigue.”

“The SPL Phonos is a Phono preamplifier with outstanding character. With so much sonic quality, the price of the device is way beyond of what musically you get in return as a countervalue.”

You will find the complete review (in German) at Hifistatement Netmagazine

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