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“Concerning the sound/price ratio, you’re in very good hands with the SPL Phonitor se – and the built-in DAC is virtually mandatory, as it harmonizes perfectly with the amplifier.”

After the online magazine fairaudio has already tested our Phonitor x and xe models, now it’s the turn of the smaller Phonitor se. Will it perform as well as its larger companions? You can find the complete review (in German) online at fairaudio. Here we provide you with a small English summary:

“SPL – Sound Performance Lab – is a pro audio manufacturer that plays in the international top league. Accordingly, headphone amplifiers from SPL were originally intended for pro audio use.”

“The great demand and the resulting special requirements of hifi clients have been taken as an opportunity at SPL to launch an entire family of already seven Phonitor headphone amplifiers. The individual models differ primarily in terms of features and thus also in price.”

“The SPL Phonitor se, which this review is all about, is the entry-level model within SPL’s ‘Pro-Fi’ series of products, which are aimed less at pro audio engineers and more at hifi enthusiasts.”

120V Technology:

“You don’t have to do without SPL’s exclusive 120 Voltair technology, which is also used in this smallest Phonitor. Briefly explained, SPL uses in-house developed operational amplifiers here, which instead of the usual operating voltage of +/- 15 volts, so together 30 volts, operate with +/- 60 volts, in total 120 volts. According to SPL, this increases the circuit’s dynamic range from 124.2 dB to 141.4 dB, reduces noise from -106 dB to -114.2 dB and increases the dynamic headroom from 21.5 dB to 33.2 dB.”


“Tonally, the Phonitor is as neutral as one can expect from a device with pro audio genes. In the low frequencies, the SPL headphone amplifier manages to maintain a certain discipline and delivers a variable performance, which implies that it can also deliver a rich sound when required.”

“Once again, the SPL Phonitor se ignites a firework of voice, tempo, dynamics, and detail, adding its part to instantly make me feel at home with the music.”

“All in all, the Phonitor se performs at its best with the built-in converter. The desire to switch back to my external DAC does not arise considering this performance. Therefore, my clear recommendation is to operate the Phonitor se with the built-in DAC as a stand-alone solution for headphones.”


„In the end, the sonic impression strongly depends on the headphones used – and this shows that SPL has done a really great job. The Phonitor se preserves the character of the connected headphones, regardless of whether they are studio-like and precise or euphonic and musical. However, this always avoids boredom, because the music always sounds dynamic with it.”

“I could almost endlessly continue to surf through the music on my hard drive… because the SPL Phonitor se headphone amplifier creates a fascinating balancing act between precise pro audio device and music machine.”

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“With the Phonitor se, SPL has an equally high-quality and convincing-sounding headphone amplifier on offer,


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