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“Today we are testing a very special amp, the SPL Phonitor 2 headphone amplifier. This bolide Made in Germany is built on various approaches. In this review we will reveal what is special about this headphone amp.”

On hardwaremax you will find a review about our headphone amplifier SPL Phonitor 2.

“We really like the consistent power with different output impedances. The Phonitor 2 should easily drive any kind of headphones currently available. The main reason for the generally very good values is the 120V rail technology.”

“Through the advantages of the 120V technology and including the associated excellent values, you get a relaxed and pure listening experience.”

“But the Phonitor 2 offers more than its excellent circuit. For example the analog VU meters on the right side of the amplifier. The great thing about this, if you switch the amp on mute, the backlit changes from orange to red.”

“Another highlight is the possibility to use any remote to control the volume of the unit. In case of the Phonitor 2 the unit learns your remote, not the other way around.”

“The absolute highlight for me when it comes to this amplifier is its detailed Crossfeed circuit called Phonitor Matrix.”

“No doubt, the SPL Phonitor 2 not only satisfied all our requirements, but greatly exceeded them.”

“Considering the technical values this absolutely is a premium product. Build quality and playback meet the highest demands. All controls and pots are made of metal. The relays work flawless and the SPL unit is an haptical and visual treat with its matt black brushed aluminum front. The two-colored VU meters make this handsome amplifier even more beautiful.”

“As soon as the Phonitor 2 is running, we get in a good mood because of its pleasantly clear and musical playback. It really doesn’t matter if we play classical music, jazz, rock, metal, charts, country or whatever. The Phonitor 2 always delivers a top-notch performance.”

“Yet it excellently handles bad recordings equally to good ones.”

“The SPL is always on its best behavior and provides the best possible listening experience. The fact that it also provides one of the best crossfeed circuits is another big plus of the Phonitor 2.”

“The Phonitor 2 is equally interesting for music producer, who are interested in speaker-like listening, as well as it is interesting for gamer, who will benefit from the spatial audio reproduction of the Phonitor Matrix. But we really want to state again that it is also perfect for music enthusiast. Some might think that 1500€ is a lot but you receive an excellent sounding amplifier and German engineering expertise in return.”

Find the complete review (in German) at hardwaremax.

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