Performer s1200 @ lite-Magazin

On the online platform lite-Magazin you can find a review about our new stereo power amplifier SPL Performer s1200. You can read the complete review (in German) online – here we present some highlights (in English) of the test.

“Strict neutrality – SPL now brings this recording studio ideal into the home hifi ambience with its brand new stereo power amplifier. The attractive design and compact format of the Performer s1200 packs a power of over 500 watts. This promises power, boost and dynamics – and the Voltair technology guarantees clean and clear sound during amplification.”

“Our test model is in black; alternatively, the s1200 is available with a silver or red front. The optical highlight is the central decorative panel: The likewise brushed and anodized aluminum plate is magnetically adherent and thus exchangeable. For this, SPL supplies three panels in the different front colors. Thus, the appearance can be designed from discreet to high-contrast to colorful. Cool!”

“The s1200 features a Class AB circuit design with a voltage gain stage followed by a current gain stage. A phalanx of 16 high-power transistors provides full strength: The power plant delivers 300 watts into eight-ohm speakers, 520 watts into four-ohm speakers, and 550 watts into two-ohm transducers.”

VOLTAiR technology:

“The power transistors provide the power, while the Voltair technology developed by SPL guarantees the clarity. Special operational amplifiers, also developed in-house, operate in the amplifier circuit. Their great feature is that they are fed with a four times higher operating voltage than usual. This eliminates the limitations caused by the conventional low supply voltage.”

“The risk of distortion is radically reduced, the dynamic range capability is significantly increased, and the signal-to-noise ratio – the distance between the signal level and the noise level caused by any audio circuit – is significantly greater.”


“This sounds so realistic that we automatically flinch and look up. Here we get a first impression of the 1200’s pure and natural reproduction, as well as its fine dynamic capabilities and richness of detail.”

“The whipping snare hits have a wonderful crispness, they are short, dry and exact – and yet we hear in detail the rattling of the carpet that sits under the snare. Clarity and precision – these are further characteristics of the s1200.”

“We can hear everything effortlessly. Thus, especially productions that are so dense with rich acoustic events are a treat. Even the complex reverb rooms and delays that are added to the various instruments do not obscure anything here, but are just as clearly audible. Thus, they contribute to the spatial depth of the imaging and to the intensification of the stereo imaging. This is also favored by the great impulse fidelity of the s1200: The power amplifier is extremely fast and gripping.”


“The SPL Performer s1200 impressed us thoroughly during this test: This stereo power amplifier, which is so compact in its dimensions, offers almost unbelievable power with the most abundant reserves. This power gives the s1200 both the strength and the control to deliver immense, always defined power even with demanding loudspeakers and to generate the richest boost right into the low frequencies. At the same time, the s1200 acts completely effortlessly and strainlessly. The excellent impulse response and the high degree of purity and clarity of the sound also contribute to this calmness and relaxation. Thus, the power amplifier shines with superb, vital dynamics, perfect timing and a neutral-natural sound. Acoustically, you can tell that SPL comes from the recording studio domain. Visually, the Niederkrüchten-based manufacturer has also placed emphasis on an extremely attractive design. This successful combination makes the compact powerhouse a real recommendation for the home environment as well.”

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