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Especially in mastering, a monnitoring DA converter is very important.
At you can find a review of our Mastering DA Converter SPL Mercury. Markus Schroeder has extensively tested if the Mercury could comply with these requirements. This is a small summary.


“The DAC offers drive and musicality without sounding comparably hi-fi-affine…”

“The 120V Technology provides an additional amount of sound stability and structure…”

“…the Mercury is probably one of the most ‘honest’ and ‘natural’ sounding DACs on the market today. It is simply not exhausting to listen to it and it is still a lot of fun. A perfect combination of all features, without any relevant compromises.”

“In spatial presentation, the Mercury sounds so precise and natural that even irregularities in the stereo image caused by MID/SIDE processing are noticeable. Such an exact positioning in the stereo image might not be so easily surpassed among its competitors of the high-end class…”


“The SPL Mercury does everything right!”

“Extremely musical and natural sounding without any masking or hi-fi add-ons due to over-emphasized frequency ranges, it presents the audio material transparently and both effortlessly and relaxed, so that it can very well take the pole position among mastering DACs.”

“The uncomplicated and straightforward, software-free operation and the many interfaces make it even more fun! You definitely have to test it. DAC Best-Buy-Candidate!”

You can find the complete review (in German) online at

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