Performer m1000 in HIFI Sound & Music

In Joachim Pfeiffer’s HIFI SOUND & MUSIC magazine you can find a review of our mono block SPL Performer m100. The complete and extensive review is available in the current edition (April) of the magazine. Here we provide some highlights. “Warming up is unnecessary with the SPL Performer. Most of the power amplifiers I know need […]

SPL Mastering Universe – Overview Videos

Have you already seen these three new overview videos for our mastering gear? These videos give an overview of the respective product: DMC, MC16 and Hermes. In addition to the basic functionality, tips and examples of application and integration are also shown. Have fun watching! Play Video Play Video Play Video For more information about the […]

Diamond @ Hifistatement

In Hifistatement Netmagazine you can find a further review about our new premium DAC with VOLTAiR technology – the SPL Diamond. The complete review (in German) is available online – here we provide a short summary in English. “With the Diamond, SPL presents a DAC with integrated preamplifier for the playback of exclusively digital sources. […]

SPL Dealer in North America

Great news for our customers in the USA and Canada! Starting off January 2023, our dealer network in North America is directly managed by SPL. This way we can assure, that you get the best support by officially authorized dealers and support partners within your reach. We are still working on expanding our dealer network, […]

Diamond @ Lowbeats

“The SPL Diamond is absolutely awesome.” On the online platform Lowbeats you can find the first review of our new premium DAC with VOLTAiR technology – the SPL Diamond. The complete review is available online – here we provide a short summary. “SPL expands its range of high-quality and highly specialized audio components with a […]

Performer s1200 @ The Sound Advocate

“Thanks to its exceptional power capacity, this amplifier is capable of driving any loudspeaker with ease and is capable of directing difficult speakers to sound levels that were truly beyond expectations.” At the online platform The Sound Advocate, you can find a review about our powerful stereo amplifier SPL Performer s1200. Read the complete review […]

What does mastering mean?

“Whether Dan Clark Audio Stealth or Expanse, both require a high-end headphone amplifier with plenty of power like the SPL Phonitor.” Mastering with headphones is gaining more and more importance. At the online platform positive-feedback you can find an interesting article about mastering. Dirk Sommer (Hifistatement) and Casten Hicking (audioNEXT) visited mastering engineer Christoph Stickel […]

PQ @ Audio Animals

“The SPL PQ is one of my favourite EQs. I love it. I think it’s a brilliant EQ and I’m going to prove that in this review.” On the Audio Animals Youtube channel you’ll find an awesome video about the SPL PQ Mastering Equalizer. Mixing engineer Paul Ashmore talks about the device and lets you […]

Appointment of new managing director at SPL electronics GmbH

We are happy to have found the perfect successor for SPL founder Wolfgang Neumann in our developer Bastian Neu. Bastian takes over the company share from Wolfgang Neumann and is appointed managing director, alongside Hermann Gier and Heinz Middelkamp, as of January 01, 2023. Wolfgang Neumann retires from the position of managing director and partner […]

Crescendo duo @ Classical Guitar Tones

At the online platform “Classical Guitar Tones”, you can find a review about our Dual-Channel Microphone Preamplifier with 120V technology – SPL Crescendo duo. You can read the complete review online – here we provide a short summary. “High-quality preamps that can capture all the nuances and subtleties of classical guitar are not as common […]