MTC Mk2 @ France MAO

On the Youtube channel of France MAO, you’ll find a video review about our next generation Monitor & Talkback Controller – the SPL MTC Mk2. Since this review is in French, we excerpted a few quotes for you in English. Thanks to the automatic subtitle function, you can also watch the video directly on Youtube. […]

MTC Mk2 in Sonomag

In the French magazine Sonomag, you’ll find a review about our Monitor & Talkback Controller SPL MTC Mk2. You can read the complete review (in French) in the October edition of the magazine. Of course, we also provide some highlights of the review in English here on our blog. “We have associated it with various test […]

Phonos @ MAD Audio

“Impressive dynamics, effortless sound, holographic imaging, solid construction and a compact design.” Mad from the Youtube channel Mad Audio already did two awesome video about the SPL Crossover and headphone amplifier SPL Phonitor xe. He now dedicated a new video to review our RIAA Phono Preamplifier, SPL Phonos. “The SPL Phonos shows up in the […]

Phonitor xe @ Miniklangwunder

“If audiophile headphone aficionados are looking for a professional hi-fi device, they inevitably land at SPL and subsequently find the Phonitor xe. In the professional domain, it always comes down to the best quality at the best price. And SPL shows that impressively with the Phonitor xe.” At the online platform Miniklangwunder you can find […]

SPL BiG Audio Examples

You want to know how the SPL BiG sounds? Then you should definitely watch these two videos! Musician, DJ and Youtuber Phable gives you audio examples on how you can manipulate different sounds and genres with our 500 Series module for stereo stage processing – the SPL BiG Have fun watching the videos! SPL BiG […]

BiG @ Amazona

“What sets SPL apart from many other manufacturers is the idea of escaping the mainstream with solid but innovative soundscapes. Now we finally get a 500 Series module for classic stereo widening. But the SPL BiG does a lot more than that, because Lunchbox owners will be provided with a powerful tool.” At Amazona you […]

BiG @ AudioTechnology

“SPL is no stranger to stereo enhancement or harmonic excitement processing, so it makes good sense that it should release a standalone 500 series model that takes on both these roles. With just three continuously variable controls and a couple of switches on the double-width faceplate the BiG is sparsely populated by the standards of […]

GoldMike Mk2 @ Amazona

“If you are looking for a professional stereo preamp, you should include the SPL GoldMike Mk2 in your list of candidates and test it when you get the chance.” At the online platform Amazona you can find a review of our dual channel microphone and instrument preamplifier SPL GoldMike Mk2. The complete review (in German) […]

Phonitor 2 @ KOPFHOERER.DE

“Flawless manufacturing, innovative technology, powerful performance and outstanding sound: the SPL Phonitor 2 is an absolutely recommendable partner for headphones at reference-level .” The online magazine tested our Phonitor 2 in August of this year and subsequently declared it the “best headphone amplifier”, awarding it five out of five stars and the top score of […]

BiG @ Bonedo

“This is BIG! Beautifully wide, spatial and still mono compatible! With a few controls, you can make stereo signals big in seconds.” At Bonedo you can find a review (with sound samples) about our new series 500 module SPL BiG. You can read the complete review (in German) online. Here provide a short summary as […]