Analog Mastering Workshop and Listening Session

About the event:

In cooperation with SPL and HEDD Audio, the 432 Studios will perform an interactive workshop where you get the chance to master your own song material in guidance with experienced tutors and mastering engineers on the newest SPL 120V high end mastering chain supported by HEDD’s Maintower monitor speakers located in a fully treated mastering Studio.

Listening Session on the 7th & 8th of December – scroll down and register for free!

You ever wanted to listen to the SPL Mastering devices in action? You dreamed of listening to the HEDD Tower Mains in a treated studio? The brand new HEDDphones and SPL Phonitor Headphone amplifiers will also join the party. Free drinks and some lite snacks round up the collegial feeling of this event. Talk to HEDD CEO Freddy Knop and Sascha Flocken of SPL in person and ask them what you always wanted to know about their gear or anything else. Besides that you’ll have the chance to talk with the 432 Studios owner and engineer Paul Schal (Tilman Brejora) about his workflow and opinion about these products.


  • HEDD Towers: 100% analog and fully modular main monitoring system
  • HEDDphone: first fullrange headphone based on HEDD‘s Air Motion Transformer driver technology
  • SPL Phonitor x: the ultimate headphone amplifiers. Thanks to VOLTAiR technology it powers headphones operated both balanced and unbalanced playfully with up to 3.7 W. The revolutionary Phonitor Matrix delivers the most realistic playback on headphones.
  • SPL Phonitor xe: the ultimate standalone device for headphone enthusiasts who want the perfect solution without any compromises.
  • Besides the SPL Mastering devices, which are already a part of the 432 Studios, SPL will present the brand-new Mastering D/A converter SPL Mercury.

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Day 1

A 6 hour demonstration and presentation of analog mastering technics and tricks. In a modern hybrid setup.

  • Mastering-Myths, fals and truth!
  • Focus on SPL, why hardware, why 120V?
  • Eq’s cleanup and coloring how to choose the right eq
  • What is gain staging and how to use it !?!
  • Dynamics (Compression, Serial, Parallel, Mid Side, Multiband)
  • Limiting (The choice of the right Limiter and its timings)
  • The loudness war

Day 2

2 hour Hands on Workshop:
The 2nd day we focus on mastering several tracks and projects including the material and mixes you choose to bring for our hands on practice session, where you will be able to master your own material under our guidance using our dedicated SPL 120Volt analog outboard gear.
MS processing tricks, imaging, dynamic EQ´s, stem mastering, and more.


Everyone who is intersted in highest quality headphone, speaker and analog audio solutions made in Germany. As well as engineers, musicians, producers and audio enthusiast who want to expand there knowledge about the modern ways of analog audio mastering.


  • December 7: Event #1 (Workshop 1) Time: 10:00- 16:00
  • December 7: Event #2 (Listening Session 1) Time: 18:00-22:00
  • December 7: Event #1 (Workshop 2) Time: 12:00- 16:00
  • December 7: Event #2 (Listening Session 2) Time: 18:00-22:00

No need to bring anything – join this event and have a great time! You are welcome to bring your open projects or audio material of your music to get direct feedback on your work!

You will be hosted and guided by:
Paul Schal who has over 20 years of Studio, production and stage experience. His releases on Get Physical Records, Bar 25 Music, Katermukke, Highgrade, KMS Records and other international record labels have received air play on worlwide radio stations such as bbc, fm4, and many more.
His music has also been featured in deep house Nr.1 releases, beatport top 10 listings, German dance chart listings and was played at clubs and festivals worlwide. His tracks have been supported by dj´s like Laurant Garnier, Hernann Cattaneo, John Digweed, Richy Hawtin and many more.
He collaborated with house legend Robert Owens, German Pop Stars like Yasha and producers like Guido Schneider and others.

Besides that, he is working as a mixing and mastering engineer for over 10 years and collaborates with various international artists.
For more information check out:

Sascha of SPL will attend at all events to answers all kind of SPL related questions. Also Freddy Knop, CEO of HEDD, will join the listening session to answer your questions.


  • Listening session: 30 persons
  • Workshop day 1: max 12 persons
  • Workshop day 2: max 8 persons


  • Full Workshop ticket (Day 1 and 2) 179,- € / person
  • Day 1. ticket 149,-
  • Day 2. ticket 49,-
  • Listening Sessions (free email registration)

For further information and registration visit:

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