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Matching the product launch, this is the this first review (in German) about our Crescendo duo. You can find it online at We have compiled a short summary for you:

First impression:

“According to the current product design of SPL, the Crescendo duo also has a modern black and silver look. Its 2U 19-inch sheet steel housing weighs around 6.1 kg and makes an extremely solid impression.”


“Common operational amplifiers usually work with a DC voltage of +/-15 Volt. SPL has developed its own – so-called SUPRA OpAmp – which works with +/-60 volts, because at a higher voltage the sound quality should improve with regard to dynamics, noise and distortion.”


“Rediscover your microphones, they have never been amplified like this – that’s the slogan SPL uses to promote the Crescendo duo. The sound samples for this test were created with exactly this aspect in mind.”

“Even with a gain setting of 50 dB and peaks in the red area of the level meter, the SPL Crescendo duo delivers an absolutely distortion-free result.”

It is indeed remarkable how versatile the SPL Crescendo duo brings out the different characters of the microphones, whereby noise and distortion were not a problem in any of the sound examples.”


“The SPL Crescendo Duo is an excellent microphone preamplifier, which should appeal especially to those looking for a neutral and uncolored sound. Its sound has an extremely elegant and gentle character, which gives depth and transparency to a recording.”

“Especially in genres such as jazz and classical music, the Crescendo duo will get a lot of appreciation, as it transmits the dynamics of a performance very well and offers so much headroom that distortion is not an issue at all.”

“As always with SPL, the build quality is of extremely high quality and the price – even if only the RRP is available so far – is absolutely reasonable.”

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