16 Channel Mastering Monitor Controller

Today’s mastering studio must be prepared for Dolby Atmos® and Auro 3D® projects. Monitoring up to 16 channels in a quality that is on par with state-of-the-art stereo was hard to achieve – until now.

The new MC16 sports the world’s first 16-gang precision potentiometer which was specially designed for SPL.

To seamlessly integrate multi-channel monitoring into a stereo mastering environment we developed a way of pairing the MC16 with our new DMC stereo mastering console. The combination of DMC and MC16 allows mastering studios to work in all current audio playback formats at the same quality level, all without reconnecting any speakers.

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Recommended Retail Price
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  • 16ch analog mastering monitor controller

  • Compatible with Dolby Atmos®, Auro 3D®, etc.

  • 120V DC Audio Rail – 5G SUPRA op-amps

  • 2x 16ch inputs (XLR & DB25)

  • 16 speaker outputs (XLR)

  • Solo, Dim and Mute

  • 3 speaker array & 3 solo presets

  • Custom 16-gang potentiometer

  • Label foil

  • Pairing with DMC

Video instructions


Exchange defective fuses 115V

Exchange defective fuses 230V

Changing the mains voltage from 115V to 230V

Changing the mains voltage from 230V to 115V

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